5 Examples of Coordinating Conjunctions in Sentences

5 Examples of Coordinating Conjunctions in Sentences! Coordinating conjunctions are used to join words, phrases, and clauses of equal importance in a sentence.

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Here are five common coordinating conjunctions, their definitions, and three examples of each used in sentences:

  1. And – used to connect similar ideas or add information.
    • I like to run and swim for exercise.
    • She bought a new dress and shoes for the party.
    • John studied hard and passed his exam.
  2. But – used to show a contrast or exception.
    • She wants to go to the party, but she has to work.
    • He is smart, but he is lazy.
    • The weather is sunny, but it’s cold outside.
  3. Or – used to present options or alternatives.
    • Do you want tea or coffee for breakfast?
    • Should we go to the beach or the park?
    • Will you stay in or go out tonight?
  4. Nor – used to connect negative ideas.
    • I don’t like pizza, nor do I like hamburgers.
    • She didn’t study for the test, nor did she ask for help.
    • The book wasn’t interesting, nor was it well-written.
  5. For – used to explain the reason for something.
    • She is wearing a jacket, for safety.
    • He apologized, for he was late to the meeting.
    • They are going on vacation, for a break from work.

5 Examples of Coordinating Conjunctions

5 Examples of Coordinating Conjunctions in Sentences