20 Sentences Using Adjectives and Underline

20 Sentences Using Adjectives and Underline

20 Sentences Using adjectives and underline

Adjectives are fun to use in English because they make your language more colorful. In this blog post, you will learn 20 sentences that use adjectives. Be sure to underline the adjectives in each sentence! Have fun with your new vocabulary knowledge!

Underline the adjectives in the sentences below:

  1. She has a beautiful singing voice.
  2. The flowers are so fresh and colorful.
  3. His smile is so charming!
  4. That dress is so pretty on you!
  5. She has a wonderful set of sceneries.
  6. Her laugh is so contagious!
  7. The room is so spacious.
  8. The baby’s skin is so soft.
  9. She has such an amazing personality.
  10. He is so talented in so many ways.
  11. I feel so comfortable around her.
  12. This restaurant has such great food!
  13. That sunset is so breathtaking!
  14. I’m so excited for our vacation.
  15. She’s such a kind person.
  16. He has such a strong faith.
  17. The party was so much fun!
  18. I’m feeling so tired now.
  19. The lesson was so informative.
  20. That experience was so surreal.


1) beautiful 2) fresh, colorful 3) charming 4) pretty 5) wonderful 6) contagious 7) spacious 8) soft 9) amazing 10) talented 11) comfortable 12) great 13) breathtaking 14) excited 15) kind 16) strong 17) fun 18) tired 19) informative 20) surreal.