20 Examples of Exclamatory Sentences

Imperative sentences often express commands, warnings, and requests. However, exclamatory sentence structure can also be used to express strong emotion or excitement. If you want to create impactful writing that packs an emotional punch, look no further than these 20 examples of exclamatory sentences for inspiration! From joyous cries of delight to emphatic expressions of anger, these sentences demonstrate the power of well-crafted words.

20 examples of exclamatory sentences

Below are 20 examples:

  1. Ah! 360! What a nice day it is.
  2. Oh! How happy I am.
  3. Wow! That has to be a new high for you.
  4. Oh! How nice they look.
  5. Ah! What a nice day it was.
  6. Wow! Not at all what I had anticipated.
  7. Wow! That was a delicious meal!
  8. O! How sad I am.
  9. Ah! What a lovely day we had.
  10. It’s a little guy! It’s a boy! Yippee!
  11. And, yippee, Justin no longer refuses to clean up after himself!
  12. Wow! I am glad to hear that.
  13. Oh, really? That’s great news.
  14. Oh! How lovely it looks.
  15. I can’t believe it! It is exactly what I wanted to hear.
  16. O! How nice the weather is.
  17. Ah! What a nice day it was.
  18. Ah! How glad we are.
  19. Oh no! Oh my God!
  20. How exciting! You will definitely enjoy that holiday.

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