100 Examples of Exclamatory Sentences

Have you ever wanted to find out what makes an exclamatory sentence different from any other type of sentence? Have you ever wondered why some sentences are said with more enthusiasm than others? Exclamatory sentences are imperative sentences that express strong emotion and often end with an exclamation mark. This article will provide 100 examples of exclamatory sentences which will help illustrate how these types of sentences differ from other forms of speech.

What are Exclamatory Sentences?

Exclamatory sentences are sentences that express strong emotions or feelings such as excitement, surprise, anger, or happiness. These sentences are usually punctuated with an exclamation mark (!) at the end to indicate the intensity of the emotion being conveyed. Exclamatory sentences are often used to give a sense of urgency or importance. They can be used in various contexts, from expressing joy and excitement to expressing frustration or anger.

Examples of exclamatory sentences include:

  • What a beautiful day it is!
  • I can’t believe we won the game!
  • How dare you speak to me like that!
  • Wow, that was an amazing performance!
  • Hooray! We finally made it!

Exclamatory Sentence Rules

Exclamatory sentences are used to express strong emotions or feelings such as joy, excitement, surprise, anger, or frustration. Here are some rules to follow when constructing an exclamatory sentence:

  1. Begin with an interjection or an exclamation word: Exclamatory sentences often begin with words like “Wow,” “Oh,” “Yay,” “Alas,” or “Hurrah!” to express strong emotions.

Example: Wow, that is amazing!

  1. Use an exclamation mark: An exclamation mark is used at the end of an exclamatory sentence to indicate strong feelings.

Example: I can’t believe I won the lottery!

  1. Use strong words: Use words that express strong emotions, such as “fantastic,” “amazing,” “terrific,” “incredible,” or “unbelievable.”

Example: What an incredible performance!

  1. Invert the word order: In some cases, you can invert the subject-verb order to make the sentence more emphatic.

Example: Never have I seen such a beautiful sunset!

Remember that exclamatory sentences should be used sparingly, as they can come across as overly emotional or melodramatic if overused.

100 Examples of Exclamatory Sentences

100 Examples of Exclamatory Sentences

  1. Unbelievable! That’s so cool!
  2. How lucky am I to have you in my life!
  3. Wow, that’s a breathtaking view of the ocean!
  4. Uh oh! I think it’s going to rain.
  5. Oh, man! I can’t believe it!
  6. Oh, I am so excited about this trip!
  7. Bravo! You did a great job.
  8. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it’s true.
  9. Oh my gosh! What a surprise!
  10. Fabulous! You look amazing!
  11. Amazing, you’ve just climbed Mount Everest!
  12. Incredible! You did it again.
  13. Terrific! You’re doing great!
  14. Hurrah! We won the game!
  15. Superb, you’ve scored the winning goal!
  16. Oh, dear! We are running out of time.
  17. Amazing! You’re so talented!
  18. Oh wow, I can’t believe my eyes!
  19. Hurrah! We are finally going on vacation.
  20. Incredible! You wrote the perfect story.
  21. Yikes! That’s scary!
  22. Gosh, darn it! That’s frustrating!
  23. What a relief, the storm has passed!
  24. Oh, dear! That was a disaster.
  25. Holy cow! That’s impressive!
  26. Goodness gracious, that’s a big spider!
  27. Oh, dear! I’m so sorry for your loss.
  28. Hurray! I got the scholarship.
  29. Yes indeed! You’re right!
  30. Incredible, you’ve just broken a world record!
  31. Oh no! I can’t believe I’m late for work.
  32. No way! That’s unbelievable!
  33. How amazing is this technology!
  34. Fantastic! We raised the most money ever.
  35. Oh no! I forgot my keys!
  36. Oh my goodness! That’s so cute!
  37. Amazing, you’ve won the lottery!
  38. Yay! We got the promotion we wanted!
  39. Bravo! You nailed it!
  40. Holy moly! That’s amazing!
  41. Oh dear, I’ve spilled coffee on my shirt!
  42. Yippee! We got the tickets for the concert.
  43. Goodness, gracious! That was close!
  44. Incredible! You’ve done it again!
  45. How wonderful is this vacation spot!
  46. Hooray! We are going to Disneyland!
  47. Wow! That’s amazing!
  48. Oh là là! C’est magnifique!
  49. Unbelievable! That’s the best magic trick I’ve ever seen!
  50. Oh my gosh! That’s so cute!
  51. Great Scott! This is amazing!
  52. Wow, that’s a stunning dress!
  53. Hurray! We won the game.
  54. Oh no! The house is on fire!
  55. Yes! We did it!
  56. Terrific, you’ve aced the exam!
  57. Oh no! I can’t believe this happened.
  58. Yippee! We got a day off from work.
  59. Fantastic! This is precisely what I wanted!
  60. Oh no, you didn’t! That’s hilarious!
  61. What a beautiful flower garden!
  62. Uh oh! I forgot to buy the groceries.
  63. Good gracious! What a mess!
  64. Holy cow, that’s a lot of food!
  65. Yippee! I got the job I wanted.
  66. Hooray! We’re going on a road trip!
  67. Oh boy! This is going to be fun!
  68. Yikes, that was close!
  69. What a delicious meal this is!
  70. Yay! The sun is finally shining again.
  71. Wowzers! That’s impressive!
  72. Woohoo! We’re going to Disney World!
  73. Incredible! The new album is a hit.
  74. Hooray! We won the game!
  75. Hurrah! We finally made it!
  76. Oh dear me! What have I done?
  77. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it!
  78. Oh my God, I can’t believe what I’m seeing!
  79. Oh no, I’ve locked myself out of the house!
  80. Hurray! We finished the project on time.
  81. Oh no! I spilled my drink all over myself.
  82. Incredible! I can’t believe it!
  83. Oh shucks! I missed my chance!
  84. Oh my, that’s an expensive car!
  85. Wowzers! Look how far we’ve come.
  86. Oh wow! This is breathtaking!
  87. Wow, that’s an amazing feat!
  88. Fabulous, you’ve got the job you wanted!
  89. Incredible! You solved the puzzle.
  90. Oh, snap! That’s hilarious!
  91. Oh no, I missed my flight!
  92. Hurrah! I passed my driving test.
  93. Awesome! You did a great job!
  94. Bingo! You got it!
  95. Hurray, it’s my birthday!
  96. Uh oh! I left my phone at home.
  97. Oh, la la! This is so fancy!
  98. Bravo! That was an amazing performance!
  99. Oh my goodness! That’s too much to handle.
  100. Uh oh! I think I left my keys somewhere.

100 Examples of Exclamatory Sentences 1

20 Examples of Exclamatory Questions

  1. What are we going to do now? Wow!
  2. Did you really finish it? Bravo!
  3. How could this have happened? Oh no!
  4. Are we really winning? Hurray!
  5. Can you believe what just happened? Amazing!
  6. Is there anything that can be done? Oh, dear!
  7. Are we really going on vacation? Hurrah!
  8. Is this too much for us to handle? Oh my goodness!
  9. Did I get the job? Yippee!
  10. Is the new album a hit? Incredible!
  11. How did I get so late for work? Oh no!
  12. Did I pass my driving test? Hurrah!
  13. Did we raise the most money ever? Fantastic!
  14. Is it really that cute? Oh my gosh!
  15. Did we get the promotion we wanted? Yay!
  16. Did I forget my phone? Uh oh!
  17. Can you believe how far we’ve come? Wowzers!
  18. Was that really a disaster? Oh, dear!
  19. Did we finish the project on time? Hurray!
  20. Did you do it again? Incredible!

20 Examples of Exclamatory Questions

20 Exclamatory Negative Sentence Example

  1. No! I can’t believe this happened.
  2. What a bummer! We didn’t win the game.
  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry for your loss.
  4. How disappointing! We won’t be going on vacation after all.
  5. Unbelievable! That’s too much to handle.
  6. Oh no! I didn’t get the job I wanted.
  7. What a shame! The new album isn’t a hit.
  8. Unfortunate! I’m already late for work.
  9. Oh, dear! I didn’t pass my driving test.
  10. Not great! We didn’t raise the most money ever.
  11. Oh no! That’s not so cute.
  12. Too bad! We didn’t get the promotion we wanted.
  13. Unfortunate! I forgot my phone at home.
  14. What a shame! Look how far behind we are.
  15. Oh no! That was a huge disaster.
  16. Too bad! We didn’t finish the project on time.
  17. Unbelievable! You didn’t do it again.
  18. Oh, dear! I forgot to buy the groceries.
  19. Bummer! We didn’t get the tickets for the concert.
  20. Oh no! I spilled my drink all over myself.

20 Exclamatory Negative Sentence Example

Exclamatory Sentence Example With Answers

  1. Wow! That sunset is absolutely stunning!
  2. Oh no! I forgot my wallet at home!
  3. Yay! We won the game!
  4. Ouch! That really hurt!
  5. Bravo! That was an amazing performance!
  6. Oh, dear! I can’t believe I broke my phone!
  7. Hooray! It’s finally Friday!
  8. Oh my gosh! Look at that giant spider!
  9. Alas! I missed the deadline for the project.
  10. Holy cow! That roller coaster was insane!


20 Examples of Exclamatory Sentences

10 Examples of Exclamatory Sentences