10 Examples of Proper Adjectives in Sentences

10 Examples of Proper Adjectives in Sentences! Adjectives are powerful tools used in writing to help express emotion and description. In English, there are several different types of adjectives, including proper adjectives. Proper adjectives come from proper nouns, and they refer to a specific place, person, or thing.

To help illustrate how proper adjectives can be used in sentences, this article will provide 10 examples of proper adjectives in sentences.

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Examples of Proper Adjectives in Sentences

  1. According to what I’ve read, the new director is Mexican.
  2. In yesterday’s competition, British athletes had a mixed bag of results.
  3. Every living creature, according to Alaskan Eskimos, has a spirit.
  4. Religious taxes were imposed on Christian commercial transactions.
  5. The ancient Buddhist temple is surrounded by hills on all sides.
  6. His belongings were searched by British guards.
  7. What is the location of the nearest Mexican restaurant?
  8. He has recently joined the Chinese Medical Association.
  9. A beautiful alpine scene could be seen from our window.
  10. Lee was taken to a Buddhist shrine by Tammy.

10 Examples of Proper Adjectives With Meanings and Sentences

1. American – relating to the United States of America

Example: Joe is an American citizen.

2. French – relating to France

Example: My favorite dish is French onion soup.

3. Chinese – relating to China

Example: We went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner last night.

4. Italian – relating to Italy

Example: I love Italian food, especially pizza.

5. Russian – relating to Russia

Example: The Russian winter is very cold.

6. African – relating to Africa

Example: We went on a safari in the African savannah.

7. Australian – relating to Australia

Example: The Great Barrier Reef is an Australian treasure.

8. Indian – relating to India

Example: I enjoy eating Indian curry.

9. British – relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom

Example: The British royal family is very famous.

10. Japanese – relating to Japan

Example: I’m learning Japanese so I can travel to Japan.

10 Examples of Proper Adjectives in Sentences

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