20 Sentences in Future Continuous Tense

20 Sentences in Future Continuous Tense! Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the future continuous tense! This article will provide you with clear examples of 20 sentences in this complex but useful verb tense.

20 Sentences in Future Continuous Tense

  1. He will be sleeping at 6 o’clock this afternoon.
  2. My mother will be ironing the clothes tomorrow morning.
  3. My sister will be cleaning the windows at 6 o’clock this afternoon.
  4. I will be sleeping in my bed tonight.
  5. You will be going to school tomorrow morning.
  6. My friend will be washing the car this afternoon.
  7. She will be learning English next year.
  8. I will be reading a book in my room in the evening.
  9. He will be playing football tomorrow afternoon.
  10. We will be going to the zoo on Saturday morning.
  11. We’ll be watching TV in the living room tonight.
  12. I will be studying English at school tomorrow afternoon.
  13. You will be taking a shower after your game tomorrow night.
  14. He will be playing in the garden this afternoon.
  15. I will be working at school on Monday morning.
  16. They’ll be going to the beach on Saturday afternoon.
  17. We will be swimming in the river tomorrow.
  18. She’ll be having dinner with her parents this evening.
  19. He will be having a shower after his football match on Saturday morning.
  20. The boys will be cleaning their room this afternoon.

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20 sentences in future continuous tense

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