20 Examples of Irregular Verbs in Sentences

20 Examples of Irregular Verbs in Sentences! Learning English grammar can be intimidating, but understanding irregular verbs is an important part of the language. To help you develop your knowledge of irregular verbs and how they are used in sentences, this article explores 20 examples of irregular verbs in sentences. Each sentence shows the verb in its infinitive form, past tense, and past participle for greater understanding. With the help of these examples, you will soon become a master of conjugating irregular verbs!

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20 Examples of Irregular Verbs in Sentences 1

20 Examples of Irregular Verbs in Sentences

Build – built – built:

  1. He builds furniture as a hobby.
  2. She built a sandcastle at the beach.
  3. The house had been built by a team of skilled workers.

Do – did – done:

  1. They do their homework every night.
  2. He did a good job on the presentation.
  3. The laundry had been done and folded neatly.

Fly – flew – flown:

  1. The bird flies gracefully in the sky.
  2. She flew to Europe for her summer vacation.
  3. The cargo had been flown to its destination.

Drive – drove – driven:

  1. She drives a small car to work every day.
  2. He drove his family to the beach for the weekend.
  3. The car had been driven for thousands of miles.

Run – ran – run:

  1. He runs three miles every morning.
  2. She ran a marathon last year.
  3. The race had been run by many talented athletes.

Think – thought – thought:

  1. They think about their plans often.
  2. She thought about her childhood memories.
  3. The idea had been thought of before but never executed.

Speak – spoke – spoken:

  1. He speaks Spanish fluently.
  2. She spoke to the manager about her concerns.
  3. The language had been spoken for centuries.

Sleep – slept – slept:

  1. They sleep for eight hours every night.
  2. He slept late on the weekend.
  3. The baby had slept for hours.

Swim – swam – swum:

  1. She swims in the pool every day.
  2. He swam across the lake with his friends.
  3. The Olympic gold medal had been swum for by many athletes.

Drink – drank – drunk:

  1. They drink water throughout the day.
  2. She drank a cup of coffee before leaving the house.
  3. The wine had been drunk by the guests at the party.

Wear – wore – worn:

  1. He wears a suit to work every day.
  2. She wore a dress to the wedding.
  3. The shoes had been worn for miles.

Fight – fought – fought:

  1. They fight for their rights.
  2. He fought in the war for his country.
  3. The battle had been fought with great determination.

Hide – hid – hidden:

  1. She hides her diary under the bed.
  2. He hid in the closet during the game of hide and seek.
  3. The treasure had been hidden for centuries.

Grow – grew – grown:

  1. They grow vegetables in their garden.
  2. She grew up in a small town.
  3. The plant had been grown in a greenhouse.

Hear – heard – heard:

  1. He hears the birds chirping outside.
  2. She heard the news from her friend.
  3. The music had been heard by millions of people.

Know – knew – known:

  1. They know the answer to the question.
  2. She knew the truth about the situation.
  3. The fact had been known for years.

Lie – lay – lain:

  1. She lies down on the couch after work.
  2. He lay on the beach all day.
  3. The book had lain untouched for months.

Ring – rang – rung:

  1. The phone rings loudly in the house.
  2. She rang the doorbell, but no one answered.
  3. The church bells had been rung for the wedding.

Shoot – shot – shot:

  1. He shoots a basketball into the hoop.
  2. She shot a target with her bow and arrow.
  3. The film had been shot on location.

Speak – spoke – spoken:

  1. They speak politely to their elders.
  2. He spoke to the audience at the conference.
  3. The poem had been spoken aloud by the poet.

20 Examples of Irregular Verbs in Sentences