15 Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences

Adverbs of time give us information about when something happened or will happen. They are an essential element of the English language that can help to convey the meaning and tone of a sentence. In this article, we’ll look at 15 examples of adverbs of time in sentences to demonstrate how they are used. We’ll also discuss how adverbs can be modified to provide additional information about when an action takes place.

Below are 15 Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences:

1- She often goes to the gym to work out and stay in shape.

2- He was formerly known as the CEO of a large finance company.

3- Later that day, he decided to take a break from work.

4- She had earlier promised to come for lunch but didn’t show up.

5- Today I’m feeling very energetic and motivated.

6- Still, I need some time off to relax and unwind.

7- He previously worked as an accountant before taking this job.

8- We go on vacation weekly to explore different places.

9- Before leaving the house, she always double-checks everything.

10- Then they went back inside and prepared dinner together.

11- Yet he still felt like something was missing in his life.

12- They meet up fortnightly for their book club meetings.

13- She regularly attends yoga classes to stay fit and healthy.

14- His early life was full of struggles and hardships.

15- He frequently goes out for dinner with his friends.

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15 Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences