100 Examples of Quantitative Adjectives in Sentences

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Quantitative adjectives are used to describe or measure the quantity of something. Knowing how to use them effectively can help make your writing more precise and accurate. This article provides a comprehensive list of 100 examples of quantitative adjectives in sentences.

Here, you will find examples of common and uncommon quantitative adjectives as well as sentences that illustrate their usage in context. Every sentence provided allows readers to gain an understanding of how each adjective is used to modify a noun accurately.

100 Examples of Quantitative Adjectives

  1. Enough of
  2. Light
  3. Relative
  4. Essential
  5. Excessive
  6. Enough
  7. Full
  8. Comprehensive
  9. Every
  10. Plentiful
  11. Little
  12. Neither
  13. Several
  14. Fragmented
  15. Double
  16. Adequate
  17. Plenty of
  18. Measurable
  19. Couple
  20. Countless
  21. Substantial
  22. Sufficient
  23. Many
  24. Heavily
  25. Abundant
  26. Inferior
  27. Various
  28. Huge
  29. Any
  30. Temporary
  31. Hundreds
  32. Scarce
  33. Plenty
  34. Too
  35. Significant
  36. Minimum
  37. Twelve
  38. Whole
  39. Quantifiable
  40. A little bit
  41. Hundred
  42. Partial
  43. Much
  44. Ample
  45. Thirty-four
  46. Insufficient
  47. Ten
  48. Seven
  49. Sparse
  50. All
  51. Eleven
  52. Thirty-five
  53. Fourteen
  54. Most
  55. Some
  56. Multiple
  57. Empty
  58. Six
  59. Nineteen
  60. Heavy
  61. Thirteen
  62. So few
  63. Forty-four
  64. Forty-two
  65. Varying
  66. Forty-five
  67. Numerous
  68. Great
  69. Limited
  70. No
  71. Unequal
  72. Absolute
  73. A lot
  74. Three
  75. Twenty
  76. Few
  77. Equal
  78. Immeasurable
  79. Scant
  80. Permanent
  81. Eight
  82. Innumerable
  83. Lots of
  84. Maximum
  85. Optional
  86. Each
  87. Forty-one
  88. Forty-three
  89. Either
  90. Two
  91. Twenty-nine
  92. Nine
  93. Single
  94. Suboptimal
  95. Complete
  96. Half
  97. Full
  98. 40%
  99. Fourth part
  100. Seventh of it

Examples of Quantitative Adjectives in Sentences

  1. They’ve been within seventh heaven since they married.
  2. Our location is 40 degrees north latitude.
  3. Two oaths are better than one honest word.
  4. The distance between the two trees is approximately 40 feet.
  5. Neither the small nor the great are spared by death.
  6. Love qualifies one for any job.
  7. A single drop of poison can infect an entire barrel of wine.
  8. A good start is half the battle won.
  9. Saying something and actually doing it are two different things.
  10. Many heads are preferable to one.
  11. Two people are company, but three people are a crowd.
  12. In any case, your strategy needs to be tweaked.
  13. He’s in seventh heaven now that he’s been promoted.
  14. Oak isn’t felled in one fell swoop.
  15. I reserved two double rooms at the hotel.
  16. A strike deputation of 40 people was formed.
  17. The world is a rung on which some climb and others descend.
  18. A typical work week is 40 hours long.
  19. The source of all evil is money.
  20. The most noise is made by the empty can.
  21. Half-taken is a maid who laughs.
  22. I’m not going to be able to make it in ten minutes.
  23. It now costs twice as much as before.
  24. The prices were erratic, ranging from $20 to $40.
  25. The first step is almost complete.
  26. There is no sunlight, but there is some shade.
  27. Rome was not built overnight or in a single day.
  28. The majority of the games are visible to onlookers.
  29. A mickle is made up of many little pickles.
  30. Last night, just after ten o’clock, the trouble began.
  31. Only the Top 40 and oldies are played on Radio Aire.
  32. Ten years ago, her grandfather passed away.
  33. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.
  34. By ten o’clock, I should be back home.
  35. He earns around $40,000 per year.
  36. Half the battle is won when you get off to a good start.
  37. A single blunder or false move can cost you the game.
  38. Half the battle is won with the first strike.
  39. 40% of all hospital employees are represented by the union.
  40. There was no significant loss, but there was a small profit.
  41. No one can do two things at the same time.
  42. Little chips can start big fires.
  43. To catch a big one, start with a small fish.
  44. Choose the lesser of two evils.
  45. My tonsils were removed when I was ten years old.
  46. Place any valuable or breakable items in a safe place.
  47. Everything is difficult before it becomes simple.
  48. Half of a bold attempt is a success.
  49. The only other team to score in the double digits was King’s.
  50. It is not possible to have two forenoons on the same day.
  51. He who knows the most has the least to say.
  52. A single rotten apple taints the entire barrel.
  53. It’s a bad wind that doesn’t help anyone.
  54. A single scabbed sheep can ruin an entire flock.
  55. We are the only ones who can bring us down.
  56. He who hides the most misery bears it the best.
  57. She was raptured to the seventh heaven.
  58. The price of a kilo of these apples is 40 pence.
  59. Knowing what you’re up against is half the battle.
  60. Some games are won, while others are lost.
  61. A powerful flame can erupt from a small spark.
  62. One word is enough for a wise man.
  63. Hard work has never been harmful to anyone.
  64. Health is the foundation of all happiness.
  65. Half a loaf is preferable to no bread at all.
  66. We made a reservation for a double room.
  67. Everything has its own time.
  68. With one stone, you can kill two birds.
  69. Her boss lacked any human characteristics.
  70. I was the seventh of eleven children in a family of eleven.
  71. Everything will be fine, and Jack will have Gill.
  72. Little crooks are hanged, but the big one’s getaway.
  73. Envy has never been a source of wealth for anyone.
  74. It’s all just a bunch of platitudes that want to be tested.
  75. Turn left after passing through the double doors.
  76. It’s enough to say a few words to the wise.
  77. Today’s hour is worth two hours tomorrow.
  78. Neither fish nor flesh is allowed.
  79. The meeting ended at three o’clock.
  80. When one of the linings breaks, the entire chain breaks.
  81. The seventh month of the year is July.
  82. Everything that comes into his net is a fish.
  83. They work a total of 40 hours per week.
  84. It is preferable for one person to suffer than for a nation to mourn.
  85. It’s rare for two people in the same trade to agree.
  86. Money lust is the source of all evil.
  87. My car gets around 40 miles per gallon.
  88. Today is the seventh day of the week.
  89. They bray the most when they have the least ability to do so.
  90. You should not put all of your eggs in one basket.
  91. You can’t park here because of the double yellow lines.
  92. My mother passed away when I was ten years old.
  93. A white is not made up of two blacks.
  94. For ten years, the land was abandoned.
  95. A single blunder can cost you the game.
  96. He who does the most things at once does the least.
  97. Two people in the same trade can never agree.
  98. Every ten minutes, trains arrive.
  99. Some of the deer’s blood will be found where she was killed.
  100. Many people enjoy hiking in the mountains during the summer months.

100 Examples of Quantitative Adjectives in Sentences


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