100 Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in Sentences

100 Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in Sentences100 Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in Sentences


  1. At the wedding, several people gave speeches.
  2. Everyone should take part in the discussion.
  3. Hard work has never been harmful to anyone.
  4. There are flaws in everyone.
  5. Money, after all, isn’t everything.
  6. Not everyone will be successful.
  7. Nobody is pleased if everyone is pleased.
  8. Each individual has his own set of limitations.
  9. To stay warm, everyone huddled around the fire.
  10. Everyone was pooped after the last eight miles.
  11. ‘I swear not to tell anyone!’ ‘I swear.’
  12. Is anyone here fluent in Japanese?
  13. She’s so disorganized that she never accomplishes anything.
  14. He doesn’t try to convert everyone to his point of view.
  15. Look away now, but someone is staring at you!
  16. The heavy snowfall has isolated a number of villages.
  17. A mickle is made up of many little things.
  18. There are flaws that none of us are immune to.
  19. The news of his safe return brought joy to everyone.
  20. Many a true word has been said in jest.
  21. Allow the soup to cook for a few minutes.
  22. Someone is looking forward to seeing you.
  23. Is there anyone who has seen my keys lying around?
  24. In general, I have a lot of friends, but one in particular.
  25. In each corner, drill a hole.
  26. Everyone was basically exonerated in the official report.
  27. Someone is moving around upstairs, which I can hear.
  28. Please don’t tell anyone about my secret.
  29. We are reconciled to everything by custom.
  30. The telephone wires had been severed.
  31. From humble beginnings, many great men have risen.
  32. Master of none, jack of all trades
  33. Is there anyone out there who can tell a good story?
  34. Someone assisted me in repairing the puncture.
  35. We’d had a couple of jars at the pub.
  36. There’s a little bit of everything, and then there’s nothing.
  37. The worst part was that no one knew who he was.
  38. From then on, he was shunned by everyone.
  39. Many friends are frightened by an empty purse.
  40. Someone was rapping on the door.
  41. Each bird enjoys listening to himself sing.
  42. Someone is on the other end of the line for you.
  43. Anyone who is an expert in anything was once a novice.
  44. Nobody is perfect, so don’t expect him to be.
  45. Everything tastes better when it’s in season.
  46. Gold isn’t going to be able to buy everything.
  47. Several students are absent from school due to illness.
  48. The tongue, despite its lack of bone, can break it.
  49. It’s not amusing because someone could have been injured.
  50. Each item has a unique number.
  51. Each man is the mastermind behind his own destiny.
  52. We should go to the store and buy a few things.
  53. There are so many countries and customs to learn about.
  54. He told everyone he came across the news.
  55. They take turns riding on each other’s backs.
  56. No one is allowed to touch the clock.
  57. Many sheep do not frighten one butcher.
  58. Except for you and me, no one else knows.
  59. He doesn’t trust anyone because of his cynicism.
  60. Many a true statement has been made in jest.
  61. I just need someone to talk to every now and then.
  62. There are a few people who are junior to me.
  63. I was pushed into the room by someone.
  64. A mickle is made up of many little things.
  65. Many flowers are born to blush invisibly.
  66. Everyone was bored by the speaker.
  67. Cowards may die several times before dying.
  68. A blast killed several people on the street.
  69. We must each respect the territorial integrity of the other.
  70. Sorry, but I mistook you for someone else.
  71. What’s going on – why is everyone so serious?
  72. Nobody knows how heavy another’s burden is.
  73. Everything can be tolerated by a light heart.
  74. Don’t take someone‘s word for it.
  75. Many flaws can be hidden by a sincere look.
  76. Each school must develop its own method of operation.
  77. Is there anything else you’d like to know?
  78. Everything in your garden is lovely.
  79. Everything has its place, and everything is in its place.
  80. Someone takes up one’s mantle.
  81. Nobody is without flaws.
  82. He pretended to be a doctor and deceived everyone.
  83. Several men were arrested and later released by police.
  84. There isn’t a single person who is without flaws.
  85. In the next room, I could hear someone crying.
  86. He was stabbed in the stomach by someone.
  87. Give everyone your ear, but only a few your voice.
  88. Money has the ability to accomplish anything.
  89. I’m not in the mood to eat anything.
  90. Everyone should strive to improve their spiritual life.
  91. Two apes groomed each other, which we witnessed.
  92. Everyone was in a good mood and relaxed.
  93. What three people know, everyone knows.
  94. To get to school, the kids must walk several miles.
  95. He despises anyone who parks in his spot.
  96. Nothing can be bought with gold.
  97. Every week, I’ve been putting aside a few pounds.
  98. Behind my back, everyone is laughing at me.
  99. In half an hour, he tossed several papers.
  100. Breakfast is more important than anything else.
  101. Everyone is depressed as a result of his pessimism.
  102. Everyone is dissatisfied with his or her own lot in life.
  103. It will go wrong if anything can go wrong.
  104. Nobody wants to die, but everyone wants to go to heaven.
  105. Nobody should come to see her, she preferred.
  106. I handed an apple to each of the boys.
  107. Is there anyone who can post bail for you?
  108. I knocked repeatedly, but no one answered.
  109. I’d put up with anything rather than be duped.
  110. Everyone has a flaw or two.
  111. A muckle is made up of many pickles.