20 Examples of Concrete Nouns in Sentences

20 Examples of Concrete Nouns in Sentences20 Examples of Concrete Nouns in Sentences

  1. The costume’s details were completely accurate.
  2. He has a great sense of style when it comes to his dresser.
  3. There was a couch in the alcove.
  4. Some of the singers were dressed in traditional Welsh costume.
  5. He’d always been a bit of a flamboyant dresser.
  6. Pitchers are equipped with a pair of ears.
  7. The balloon burst after the child pricked it.
  8. A pollution-free vehicle would be extremely beneficial to the general public.
  9. The apple was halved by James and me.
  10. The doctor was able to restore his vision to him.
  11. She accidentally knocked the vase over.
  12. At the desk, check your luggage.
  13. He hurriedly stuffed a few items of clothing into a bag.
  14. He’s a valuable bat.
  15. On the couch, he slept.
  16. When the vase was dropped, it broke.
  17. A gust of wind propelled the balloon upward.
  18. Without my glasses, I’m as blind as a bat.
  19. He pretended to be a doctor and deceived everyone.
  20. She was always a well-dressed dresser.