10 Sentences in Future Perfect Continuous Tense

10 Sentences in Future Perfect Continuous Tense! What are the different ways we can use the future perfect continuous tense? The future perfect continuous tense is a verb form that is used to describe an action or event in the future that will have been in progress for some time by that point. In this blog post, we will take a look at the 10 examples of future perfect continuous tense.

  1. You will have been dancing to the music all night by tomorrow.
  2. I will have been cooking dinner before you come home.
  3. I won’t have been playing for hours when I get tired.
  4. They will not have been studying before they take their final exam.
  5. In a year’s time, we will have been living in this house for five years.
  6. It will have been raining for over a week by the time I leave.
  7. By next week, he will have been playing the guitar for two years.
  8. We will have been waiting for over an hour before the show starts.
  9. In two years, they will have been running their business for a decade.
  10. I will have been saving up for my trip for a year when I finally book my tickets.

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10 sentences in future perfect continuous tense