Top 30 Words Related to Wildlife

The term “Wildlife” encapsulates the world of animals and plants that live independently of humans, often flourishing in natural ecosystems like forests, wetlands, and grasslands. Understanding the vocabulary related to wildlife is crucial for appreciating its complexity and significance.

Words Related to Wildlife

Here are the top 30 terms related to Wildlife with meanings:

  1. Ecosystem: A community of living organisms interacting with their environment.
  2. Biodiversity: Variety of life within a specific area or ecosystem.
  3. Conservation: The protection and preservation of natural resources.
  4. Endangered: Species at risk of becoming extinct.
  5. Fauna: The animals of a specific region or period.
  6. Flora: The plants of a specific region or period.
  7. Habitat: The natural environment where an organism lives.
  8. Preservation: Maintenance of a condition, as in protecting nature.
  9. Predator: An animal that hunts other animals for food.
  10. Prey: An animal that is hunted by another for food.
  11. Migration: Movement of animals for seasonal change.
  12. Ecology: Study of the interactions between organisms and their environment.
  13. Symbiosis: A mutual relationship between two different species.
  14. Extinct: A species that no longer exists.
  15. Invasive: Non-native species disrupting the native ecosystem.
  16. Camouflage: A way of blending in with the environment.
  17. Zoology: The scientific study of animals.
  18. Botany: The scientific study of plants.
  19. Adaptation: Change in behavior or biology for survival.
  20. Nesting: The act of building or using a nest.
  21. Pollination: The process by which plants reproduce.
  22. Carnivore: An animal that eats other animals.
  23. Herbivore: An animal that eats plants.
  24. Omnivore: An animal that eats both plants and animals.
  25. Territory: An area defended by animals against intruders.
  26. Vertebrate: Animals with a backbone.
  27. Invertebrate: Animals without a backbone.
  28. Aquatic: Related to water environments.
  29. Marine: Related to the sea or ocean.
  30. Nocturnal: Active during the night.

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