Top 30 Words Related to Weekend

The weekend is a time most people look forward to, a respite from the workweek where leisure, relaxation, and personal activities take center stage. Whether you’re planning an adventure or seeking some much-needed rest, weekends have their unique terminology.

Words Related to Weekend

Here are the top 30 terms related to “Weekend” with meanings:

  1. Saturday: The first day of the weekend for many.
  2. Sunday: The second and often final day of the weekend.
  3. Rest: A period of relaxation, often associated with weekends.
  4. Leisure: Free time for enjoyment, prevalent during weekends.
  5. Getaway: A short holiday, typically over the weekend.
  6. Recreation: Activities done for enjoyment, common on weekends.
  7. Brunch: A late morning meal often enjoyed on weekends.
  8. Picnic: An outdoor meal, popular weekend activity.
  9. Outing: A short journey for pleasure, usually on weekends.
  10. Party: A social gathering, often held on weekends.
  11. BBQ: Short for Barbecue, a common weekend event.
  12. Adventure: An exciting experience, often planned for weekends.
  13. Vacation: A break from work, sometimes extended into weekends.
  14. Hike: A long walk for pleasure, often a weekend activity.
  15. Relax: To unwind and reduce stress, often during weekends.
  16. Movie: A form of entertainment often enjoyed on weekends.
  17. Hobby: An activity done for pleasure, often on weekends.
  18. Sleep-in: To stay in bed late, especially on weekends.
  19. Festival: A celebration often taking place on weekends.
  20. Road-trip: A long car journey, often undertaken on weekends.
  21. Shopping: The act of buying goods, common on weekends.
  22. Concert: A musical performance often scheduled for weekends.
  23. Camp: To stay outdoors overnight, usually on weekends.
  24. Exercise: Physical activity is often done during the weekend.
  25. Sightseeing: Visiting places of interest, common on weekends.
  26. Nightlife: Social activities occurring in the evening, often on weekends.
  27. Dining: The act of eating out, popular during weekends.
  28. Beach: A sandy shore often visited on weekends.
  29. Recharge: To gain energy, often over the weekend.
  30. Chill: To relax completely, a weekend objective.

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