Top 30 Words Related to Tools

Tools are instrumental in various fields like construction, mechanics, and home improvement. Understanding the terms related to tools can provide valuable insights into their types, uses, and maintenance.

Words Related to Tools

Here are the top 30 terms related to Tools with meanings:

  1. Hammer: Used for driving nails into wood or other materials.
  2. Screwdriver: Tool for turning screws in or out.
  3. Wrench: For tightening or loosening nuts and bolts.
  4. Pliers: Used for gripping, bending, or cutting wire.
  5. Drill: For making holes in various materials.
  6. Saw: Tool with a blade for cutting wood or metal.
  7. Chisel: For cutting or shaping wood, stone, or metal.
  8. Tape Measure: For measuring length or distance.
  9. Level: To check the straightness or angle of a surface.
  10. Clamp: For securely holding objects together.
  11. Sander: To smooth surfaces by abrasion.
  12. Ruler: A straightedge for measuring length.
  13. Utility Knife: For cutting materials like paper or cardboard.
  14. Nails: Fasteners driven into materials with a hammer.
  15. Screws: Threaded fasteners requiring a screwdriver.
  16. Bolts: Used with nuts to fasten materials.
  17. Battery: Provides power to some handheld tools.
  18. Cordless: Tools that operate without a power cord.
  19. Bits: Attachments for drills or screwdrivers.
  20. Spanner: British term for a wrench.
  21. Hex Key: Tool for driving bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket.
  22. Vise: A bench tool for holding workpieces.
  23. Lubricant: Reduces friction in moving parts.
  24. Socket: Attachments for wrenches.
  25. Glue: Adhesive for bonding materials.
  26. Blade: The cutting part of various tools.
  27. Handle: The part of a tool held in hand.
  28. Adjustable: Can be altered to fit different sizes.
  29. Manual: Operated by hand, not by power.
  30. Electric: Operated by electricity.

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