Top 30 Words Related to Toxic

Toxicity is a subject that often comes up in discussions about the environment, relationships, and substances. Understanding the vocabulary related to “toxic” can deepen one’s grasp of these crucial topics. This list aims to expand your knowledge in this area.

Words Related to Toxic

Here are the top 30 terms related to “toxic” with meanings:

  1. Poisonous: Harmful if consumed, inhaled, or absorbed
  2. Hazardous: Risky, especially to one’s health or safety
  3. Venomous: Having a toxin used to incapacitate prey
  4. Contaminant: Substance that makes something impure or unsafe
  5. Pesticide: Chemical used to kill pests, often toxic to other forms of life
  6. Pollutant: Substance that degrades the environment
  7. Carcinogenic: Causing or promoting cancer
  8. Lethal: Causing death
  9. Noxious: Harmful to health or well-being
  10. Corrosive: Capable of eroding or damaging surfaces or tissues
  11. Volatile: Easily evaporating; can be harmful when inhaled
  12. Fumes: Gas or smoke that can be hazardous when inhaled
  13. Radioactive: Emitting harmful ionizing radiation
  14. Ingestion: The act of taking something into the body through the mouth
  15. Chemical: Element or compound often used in scientific processes
  16. Pathogenic: Capable of causing disease
  17. Allergen: Substance causing allergic reactions
  18. Mutagenic: Causing mutations in DNA
  19. Toxicant: Man-made toxic substance
  20. Biodegradable: Capable of being broken down by natural processes
  21. Antidote: Substance that counteracts a poison
  22. Asbestos: Fire-resistant material; toxic when inhaled
  23. Mercury: A heavy metal that is toxic when ingested
  24. Waste: Discarded substances, often toxic
  25. Flammable: Easily ignited and capable of burning quickly
  26. Safety Data Sheet: Document listing properties and hazards of a chemical
  27. Environmental Impact: Effect of actions on the environment
  28. Permeable: Allowing liquids or gases to pass through
  29. Additive: Substance added to another to alter its properties
  30. Sustainability: Using resources in a way that doesn’t deplete them

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