Top 30 Words Related to Three

The number three holds significant meaning in various contexts such as mathematics, culture, and everyday life. It’s often associated with completion, like in the saying “third time’s a charm.” Below, we delve into the top 30 terms related to the concept of “three.”

Words Related to Three

Here are the top 30 terms related to three with meanings:

  1. Trio: A group of three people or things.
  2. Trilogy: A series of three related books, movies, or plays.
  3. Triple: Consisting of three parts; threefold.
  4. Triad: A group or set of three connected people or things.
  5. Triangle: A three-sided polygon.
  6. Trident: A three-pronged spear.
  7. Third: Constituting number three in a sequence.
  8. Trimester: A period of three months.
  9. Tricolor: Having three colors.
  10. Trilateral: Involving three parties or nations.
  11. Tripartite: Divided into or consisting of three parts.
  12. Tricycle: A vehicle with three wheels.
  13. Tertiary: Third in rank or order.
  14. Triumvirate: A group of three powerful individuals.
  15. Triplex: A building divided into three residences.
  16. Trifecta: A bet involving the correct forecast of the first three finishers in a race.
  17. Trivial: Relating to a trivium, or the meeting of three roads.
  18. Triptych: A set of three associated artistic works.
  19. Triathlon: An athletic contest with three events.
  20. Triangulate: To divide into triangles.
  21. Triglyceride: A lipid molecule made of three fatty acids.
  22. Triplets: Three siblings born at the same time.
  23. Trilingual: Able to speak three languages.
  24. Tricornered: Having three corners or angles.
  25. Trimonthly: Occurring every three months.
  26. Tripod: A three-legged stand.
  27. Treble: Triple or threefold in nature.
  28. Triage: The process of sorting based on priority.
  29. Trillion: The number 1,000,000,000,000; a million million.
  30. Trifoliate: Having three leaves or leaflets.

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