Top 30 Words Related to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated predominantly in the United States and Canada. It is often associated with giving thanks, family gatherings, and feasting. Below is a list of words you might hear or use in connection with Thanksgiving.

Words Related to Thanksgiving

Here are the top 30 terms related to Thanksgiving with meanings:

  1. Turkey: A large bird commonly served at Thanksgiving feasts.
  2. Feast: A large, celebratory meal.
  3. Pilgrims: Early settlers who celebrated the first Thanksgiving.
  4. Cornucopia: A symbol of abundance and nourishment.
  5. Gravy: A sauce made from meat juices.
  6. Stuffing: A mixture of bread and spices cooked inside a turkey.
  7. Pumpkin Pie: A traditional Thanksgiving dessert.
  8. Harvest: The gathering of ripe crops.
  9. Cranberry: A tart fruit often made into sauce.
  10. Autumn: The season when Thanksgiving occurs.
  11. Mashed Potatoes: Potatoes boiled and mashed.
  12. Grateful: Feeling thankful.
  13. Family: People you are related to by blood or marriage.
  14. Native Americans: Indigenous people present at the first Thanksgiving.
  15. Yams: A type of orange sweet potato.
  16. Mayflower: The ship Pilgrims arrived on.
  17. Parade: A public procession, often during holidays.
  18. Cornbread: A bread made from cornmeal.
  19. Bountiful: Having plenty of something; abundant.
  20. Apple Cider: A drink made from pressed apples.
  21. Green Beans: A type of vegetable often served in casseroles.
  22. Tradition: A long-standing custom or practice.
  23. Football: A sport commonly watched on Thanksgiving.
  24. Black Friday: The day after Thanksgiving, known for sales.
  25. Dinner Rolls: Small bread served with meals.
  26. Gobble: The sound a turkey makes.
  27. Leftovers: Food not eaten during the initial meal.
  28. Pecan Pie: A pie made from pecan nuts.
  29. Prayer: Words spoken to a deity, often before the meal.
  30. Celebration: The action of marking a joyful occasion.

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