Top 100 Words Related to Abortion A-Z

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on abortion-related terminology. In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of the top 100 words related to abortion, covering everything from legal and medical terms to ethical and political discussions. Whether you’re seeking clarity on this sensitive topic or looking to expand your vocabulary, we’ve got you covered from A to Z.

Words Related to Abortion A-Z

Below are the top 100 words related to abortion with meanings.

  1. Adoption: Legal process to parent a non-biological child.
  2. Advocacy: Active support for a cause or issue.
  3. Aftercare: Medical and emotional care post-procedure.
  4. Agency: Ability to make choices and act independently.
  5. Anesthesia: Substance that reduces pain during procedures.
  6. Anti-abortion: Against the practice of abortion.
  7. Autonomy: Self-governance, especially over one’s body.
  8. Baby: Human offspring, especially after birth.
  9. Ban: Legal prohibition against a specific action.
  10. Beliefs: Personal or collective ideas held as true.
  11. Bioethics: Ethical questions surrounding biological sciences.
  12. Birth: Process of bearing or delivering offspring.
  13. Birth Control: Methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
  14. Body Autonomy: Right to control one’s own body.
  15. Buffer Zones: Areas around clinics to limit protests.
  16. Censorship: Restriction of speech or information.
  17. Choice: The act of making a decision.
  18. Clinic: Medical facility for outpatient care.
  19. Coercion: Force or intimidation to obtain compliance.
  20. Complications: Unintended adverse effects or outcomes.
  21. Conception: The beginning of pregnancy; fertilization.
  22. Condom: Barrier contraceptive to prevent pregnancies.
  23. Conscience: Moral judgment that guides one’s actions.
  24. Contraception: Methods used to prevent pregnancy.
  25. Counseling: Professional advice regarding a decision.
  26. Crisis: Urgent, difficult situation requiring action.
  27. Debate: Formal discussion or argument on an issue.
  28. Decision: Conclusion reached after consideration.
  29. Democracy: Governance by the people or their reps.
  30. Dilation: Widening, usually of the cervix in abortion.
  31. Discrimination: Unjust treatment based on specific traits.
  32. Doctor: Medical professional; who can perform abortions.
  33. Embryo: Early stage of development after fertilization.
  34. Emergency Contraception: Pills to prevent pregnancy post-intercourse.
  35. Ethics: Moral principles guiding behavior.
  36. Euthanasia: Deliberate act to end life, and relieve pain.
  37. Evangelical: Pertaining to conservative Christian beliefs.
  38. Fetus: Developing human from 8 weeks to birth.
  39. First Trimester: First 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  40. Forced Abortion: Abortion conducted without consent.
  41. Freedom: The state of being free; liberty.
  42. Funding: Financial support for a specific cause.
  43. Gestation: Period from conception to birth.
  44. Gynecologist: Doctor specializing in female reproductive health.
  45. Health: State of physical and mental well-being.
  46. Heartbeat Bill: Law banning abortion after heartbeat detectable.
  47. Hormones: Chemicals affecting bodily functions.
  48. Human Rights: Inherent rights belonging to all humans.
  49. Illegal: Forbidden by law.
  50. Informed Consent: Permission granted with full understanding.
  51. Injunction: Court order prohibiting specific action.
  52. Judgment: Legal or ethical determination; opinion.
  53. Justice: Fairness in law or ethical matters.
  54. Late-term: Refers to abortions performed later in pregnancy.
  55. Law: System of rules enforced by authority.
  56. Legislation: Laws or rules enacted by the governing body.
  57. Life: State of being alive; opposite of death.
  58. Lobbying: Advocacy aimed to influence lawmakers.
  59. Medical: Relating to medicine or healthcare.
  60. Mental Health: Psychological and emotional well-being.
  61. Morality: Principles governing right and wrong.
  62. Morning-after Pill: Emergency contraception is taken after intercourse.
  63. Mother: Female parent; may be pregnant or not.
  64. Murder: Unlawful killing of another human.
  65. Obstetrician: Doctor specializing in pregnancy and childbirth.
  66. Opinion: Personal belief or judgment.
  67. Options: Choices or alternatives in a situation.
  68. Pain: Physical or emotional suffering.
  69. Parental Consent: Permission from a minor’s parent(s).
  70. Partial-birth Abortion: Late-term abortion procedure; highly controversial.
  71. Personhood: State of being considered a person legally.
  72. Pharmaceutical: Relating to medicinal drugs.
  73. Pill: Form of contraception or medication.
  74. Planned Parenthood: Organization offering reproductive healthcare.
  75. Politics: Activities related to governance and policy.
  76. Procedure: Specific course of action; medical process.
  77. Pro-choice: Supporting the right to choose abortion.
  78. Pro-life: Opposing abortion; supporting fetal rights.
  79. Protest: Public demonstration of disapproval.
  80. Public Opinion: General views held by a population.
  81. Religion: Set of beliefs involving a higher power.
  82. Reproductive Rights: Rights related to reproduction and family planning.
  83. Roe v. Wade: S. legal case legalizing abortion.
  84. Safety: Condition of being free from harm.
  85. Sanctity: Quality of being sacred or holy.
  86. Science: Systematic study of natural phenomena.
  87. Secular: Non-religious; separate from spirituality.
  88. Second Trimester: Weeks 13-26 of pregnancy.
  89. Sex Education: Teaching of sexual health and reproduction.
  90. Side Effects: Unintended consequences of an action.
  91. Stigma: Social disapproval or discrimination.
  92. Supreme Court: Highest federal court in the U.S.
  93. Surgical Abortion: Abortion using surgical methods.
  94. Therapy: Treatment to manage mental or physical illness.
  95. Third Trimester: Weeks 27 to birth in pregnancy.
  96. Unborn: Not yet born; in utero.
  97. Unplanned Pregnancy: Pregnancy that was not intentionally caused.
  98. Viable: Capable of surviving or living independently.
  99. Women’s Rights: Rights specifically associated with women.
  100. Zygote: Fertilized egg; earliest stage of development.

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