30+ Unique Ways to Say Please In Text

Unique Ways to Say Please In Text!

1- Kindly

2- Could you?

3- Would you?

4- Please?

5- If you please.

6- I appeal to you.

7- I humbly ask.

8- I implore you.

9- Please be so kind.

10- Your kindness would be appreciated.

11- Will you do me a favor?

12- A small favor, if I may?

13- Would you mind terribly?

14- Be kind enough to…

15- Could you be so generous as to…

16- If it’s not too much trouble…

17- Might you be able to…

18- I’d be so grateful if…

19- Please consider my request.

20- Any chance you could…?

21- A big ask, but can you…?

22- I’m counting on your help with this.

23- I would be ever so thankful.

24- Please, if you can…

25- Would you be willing to…?

26- Your help with this would be much appreciated.

27- I’d really appreciate it if…

28- It would mean a lot to me if…

29- Your cooperation is requested.

30- Any assistance you can provide would be great.

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unique ways to say please in text

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