30 Funny Ways to Say Money

30 Funny Ways to Say Money

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Money:

  1. Bucks: I lost a few bucks at the arcade today.
  2. Dough: She’s raking in the dough from that new job.
  3. Moolah: I need some moolah for the weekend trip.
  4. Greenbacks: Those shoes cost me a few greenbacks!
  5. Benjamins: It’s all about the Benjamins in this business.
  6. Clams: How many clams will that new gadget set me back?
  7. Dinero: Sorry, I don’t have the dinero right now.
  8. Smackers: That’s fifty smackers for the vintage toy.
  9. Bread: I earned some extra bread doing odd jobs.
  10. Spondulix: Can you lend me some spondulix for lunch?
  11. Lucre: The world isn’t just about lucre, you know.
  12. Wampum: I don’t have enough wampum for that concert ticket.
  13. Shekels: Hand over a few shekels for the charity, please.
  14. Simoleons: I paid a ton of simoleons for that painting.
  15. Quid: It’s just five quid, mate, no biggie.
  16. Loot: Pirates weren’t the only ones after loot.
  17. Cabbage: I’ve saved enough cabbage for a rainy day.
  18. Bones: That’s ten bones per ticket.
  19. Duckets: I spent my last duckets on that ice cream.
  20. Folding stuff: Make sure to have some folding stuff for the cab.
  21. Gelt: It’s the season to get gelt as gifts!
  22. Cheddar: I need to stack more cheddar this month.
  23. Coin: Drop some coins at the new cafe downtown.
  24. Gazoonies: I’ve never seen so many gazoonies in one place!
  25. Papers: The car cost me a whole lot of paper.
  26. Tender: Let’s split the tender for the bill.
  27. Brass: I’m low on brass after the holidays.
  28. Gold: He’s got enough gold to buy a castle.
  29. Stash: Keep your stash safe from prying eyes.
  30. Beans: How many beans does that candy cost?


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