Top STEM Careers That Start With P

Pursuing the letter ‘P’ in our exploration of STEM careers, we pinpoint a plethora of pivotal professions. Each of these careers, at the interface of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is briefly described below, showcasing their roles and impact.

STEM Careers That Start With P

Below are STEM careers that start with the letter ‘p’.

  1. Physicist: Studies matter, energy, and their interactions.
  2. Paleontologist: Researches ancient life through fossil studies.
  3. Pharmacologist: Studies effects of drugs on biological systems.
  4. Programmer: Writes and tests computer software and applications.
  5. Psychologist: Studies mental processes and human behavior.
  6. Pathologist: Diagnoses diseases by studying body tissues and fluids.
  7. Pediatrician: Provides medical care for infants, children, and adolescents.
  8. Petrochemical Engineer: Develops methods to convert petroleum into chemical products.
  9. Photonics Engineer: Works with light-based technologies.
  10. Plant Scientist: Studies plant biology and ecosystems.
  11. Plastic Surgeon: Performs reconstructive or cosmetic surgical procedures.
  12. Polymer Chemist: Researches and develops synthetic materials and plastics.
  13. Prosthetist: Designs and fits artificial limbs and body parts.
  14. Python Developer: Specializes in writing software in Python programming language.
  15. Paleobotanist: Studies ancient plant life and fossilized plants.
  16. Parasitologist: Studies parasites and their biology.
  17. Petrologist: Examines rocks to understand Earth’s processes.
  18. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative: Promotes and sells pharmaceutical products.
  19. Pharmacist: Dispenses medications and offers pharmaceutical advice.
  20. Photogrammetrist: Creates maps and models using photographic techniques.
  21. Physical Chemist: Studies chemical systems using physics principles.
  22. Physician Assistant: Provides healthcare services under a doctor’s supervision.
  23. Planetary Geologist: Studies geology of planets and moons.
  24. Plasma Physicist: Researches plasma, the fourth state of matter.
  25. Process Engineer: Designs, operates, and optimizes industrial processes.
  26. Product Development Scientist: Develops new products and improves existing ones.
  27. Production Engineer: Manages and optimizes production processes.
  28. Psychometrician: Designs tests to measure psychological traits.
  29. Public Health Epidemiologist: Studies the spread and control of diseases.
  30. Pacing Technician: Specializes in cardiac pacing device management.
  31. Packaging Engineer: Designs and develops packaging for products.
  32. Pain Management Specialist: Treats patients with chronic or acute pain.
  33. Paleoclimatologist: Studies past climates using geological records.
  34. Paleopathologist: Studies ancient diseases in humans and animals.
  35. Particle Physicist: Researches fundamental particles and forces.
  36. Patent Examiner: Reviews patent applications for originality and compliance.
  37. Peptide Chemist: Specializes in the study of peptides and proteins.
  38. Perfusionist: Operates heart-lung machines during surgery.
  39. Petrophysicist: Studies the properties of rocks in petroleum production.
  40. Pharmacogeneticist: Examines how genetics affect drug response.
  41. Phase Contrast Microscopist: Specializes in a specific microscopy technique.
  42. Photolithography Engineer: Works in microfabrication using light.
  43. Photonics Technician: Maintains and repairs photonics equipment.
  44. Physical Oceanographer: Studies ocean physics and dynamics.
  45. Physiologist: Studies the functions and mechanisms of living organisms.
  46. Planetary Scientist: Researches planets and their systems.
  47. Plastics Engineer: Develops and tests plastic materials and products.
  48. Precision Agriculture Specialist: Uses technology for efficient farming.
  49. Primary Care Scientist: Researches in the field of primary healthcare.
  50. Protein Biochemist: Studies proteins and their biological functions.

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