Top STEM Careers That Start With O

Onto the letter ‘O’ in our journey through STEM careers, we observe a variety of outstanding professions. These careers, integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, are highlighted below, providing insights into their duties and their importance in the STEM landscape.

STEM Careers That Start With O

Below are STEM careers that start with the letter ‘o’.

  1. Oceanographer: Studies oceans, marine life, and ecosystems.
  2. Oncologist: Specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer.
  3. Optometrist: Examines eyes and prescribes eyewear.
  4. Orthopedic Surgeon: Specializes in surgery of bones and joints.
  5. Ornithologist: Studies birds and their behavior.
  6. Operations Research Analyst: Uses analytics to improve decision-making.
  7. Organic Chemist: Studies chemistry of carbon-based compounds.
  8. Otolaryngologist: Treats ear, nose, and throat conditions.
  9. Osteologist: Studies bones and skeletal systems.
  10. Ophthalmologist: Specializes in treating eye disorders.
  11. Occupational Health and Safety Specialist: Ensures workplace health and safety.
  12. Operating Systems Programmer: Develops and maintains operating systems.
  13. Optical Engineer: Designs and develops optical systems and devices.
  14. Organ Transplant Coordinator: Manages organ donation and transplant processes.
  15. Orthodontist: Specializes in aligning teeth and jaws.
  16. Osteopathic Physician: Focuses on holistic and manual medicine.
  17. Oceanographic Equipment Technician: Maintains and operates oceanographic equipment.
  18. Oil and Gas Engineer: Specializes in petroleum engineering.
  19. Operations Manager (Tech industries): Manages operations in tech companies.
  20. Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician: Makes corrective lenses and eyewear.
  21. Optoelectronics Engineer: Works with electronic devices that emit light.
  22. Organic Farmer (Scientific approach): Employs scientific methods in organic farming.
  23. Organometallic Chemist: Studies compounds containing metal-carbon bonds.
  24. Orthopedic Nurse: Provides care for patients with musculoskeletal issues.
  25. Osteopathic Surgeon: Performs surgery within osteopathic medicine practices.
  26. Outcomes Researcher: Studies the results of healthcare practices and interventions.
  27. Oilfield Equipment Operator: Operates machinery in oil extraction sites.
  28. Olfactory Scientist: Studies the sense of smell.
  29. Online Learning Coordinator: Manages online educational programs.
  30. Open Source Developer: Develops software with open-source code.
  31. Operational Meteorologist: Provides weather forecasts and analyses.
  32. Optical Systems Designer: Designs systems that manipulate light.
  33. Optometry Technician: Assists optometrists in eye care services.
  34. Oral Pathologist: Diagnoses diseases of the mouth and jaw.
  35. Organismic Biologist: Studies organisms and their environments.
  36. Orthotics and Prosthetics Technician: Designs and fits braces and artificial limbs.
  37. Osteoarchaeologist: Studies human remains in an archaeological context.
  38. Outboard Motor Technician: Maintains and repairs outboard motors.
  39. Outdoor Environmental Educator: Teaches about nature and the environment outdoors.
  40. Ovarian Cancer Researcher: Researches causes and treatments for ovarian cancer.
  41. Overhead Line Worker: Maintains and repairs electrical lines.
  42. Oxidation Engineer: Specializes in chemical oxidation processes.
  43. Oxygen System Technician: Maintains and repairs oxygen systems.
  44. Ozone Depletion Researcher: Studies causes and effects of ozone layer depletion.
  45. Ocean Energy Engineer: Develops renewable energy from ocean sources.
  46. Oceanographic Cartographer: Creates maps and charts of the ocean.
  47. Odor Control Technician: Manages and reduces environmental odors.
  48. Office Automation Analyst: Integrates and maintains office technology.
  49. Oil Reservoir Analyst: Analyzes oil field production and potential.

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