Top STEM Careers That Start With V

Venturing into the letter ‘V’ in our exploration of STEM careers, we visualize a variety of vital professions. These careers, at the nexus of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, are presented below, with a brief look at their roles and their impact in the STEM field.

STEM Careers That Start With V

Below are STEM careers that start with the letter ‘v’.

  1. Vascular Surgeon: Performs surgeries on blood vessels.
  2. Veterinarian: Provides medical care for animals.
  3. Veterinary Technician: Assists veterinarians with animal care.
  4. Virologist: Studies viruses and their effects.
  5. Video Game Developer: Creates and designs video games.
  6. Visual Effects Artist: Designs and creates visual effects.
  7. Vocal Coach: Trains and improves singing skills.
  8. Volcanologist: Studies volcanoes and related phenomena.
  9. Voice Actor: Performs voice-overs for media productions.
  10. Viticulturist: Manages vine growth and grape production.
  11. Vehicle Safety Engineer: Ensures vehicle safety and compliance.
  12. Virtual Reality Designer: Creates virtual reality experiences.
  13. Vocational Counselor: Advises on career and vocational choices.
  14. Ventilation Engineer: Designs and maintains air systems.
  15. VLSI Engineer: Designs large-scale integrated circuits.
  16. Video Production Specialist: Produces and edits video content.
  17. Valve Technician: Maintains and repairs valve systems.
  18. Vaccine Researcher: Develops and studies vaccines.
  19. Vehicle Dynamics Engineer: Optimizes vehicle motion and performance.
  20. Veterinary Pathologist: Diagnoses diseases in animals.
  21. Visual Merchandiser: Designs retail display aesthetics.
  22. Vibration Analyst: Studies and measures vibrations.
  23. Vehicle Test Engineer: Tests and evaluates vehicles.
  24. Video Editor: Edits video footage for media.
  25. Vascular Sonographer: Performs vascular imaging diagnostics.
  26. Vineyard Manager: Oversees vineyard operations and production.
  27. Vehicle Design Engineer: Designs and develops vehicles.
  28. Vascular Nurse: Specializes in vascular patient care.
  29. Visual Communication Designer: Designs visual communication materials.
  30. Voiceover Artist: Provides voice narration for media.
  31. Violin Maker (Luthier): Crafts and repairs violins.
  32. Validation Engineer: Ensures product design meets requirements.
  33. Vehicle Integration Engineer: Integrates systems into vehicles.
  34. VFX Supervisor: Oversees visual effects production.
  35. Vintage Car Restorer: Restores and maintains vintage cars.
  36. Virtual Reality Developer: Develops immersive virtual reality software.
  37. Video Game Tester: Tests video games for issues.
  38. Volunteer Coordinator: Manages and coordinates volunteers.
  39. Vehicle Inspector: Inspects vehicles for compliance.
  40. Visual Effects Compositor: Combines visual effects elements.
  41. Vascular Technologist: Specializes in vascular technology diagnostics.
  42. Vintner: Produces wine; manages winery operations.
  43. Veterinary Radiologist: Specializes in animal radiology.
  44. Voice and Speech Therapist: Treats speech and voice disorders.
  45. Vibration Engineer: Designs systems to reduce vibrations.
  46. Vehicle Emissions Technician: Tests and monitors vehicle emissions.
  47. Vehicle Fleet Manager: Manages and maintains vehicle fleets.
  48. Virtual Reality Artist: Creates art in virtual reality.
  49. Video Game Sound Designer: Designs sound for video games.
  50. Visual Designer: Designs visual elements for media.

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