Top STEM Careers That Start With J

Journeying through the letter ‘J’, our exploration of STEM careers unveils a range of jobs that are crucial to the advancement of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This section highlights ‘J’ careers, each with a brief description of their duties and their importance in the broader STEM context.

STEM Careers That Start With J

Here are STEM careers that start with the letter ‘J’:

  1. Java Developer: Develop applications and software using the Java programming language.
  2. JavaScript Developer: Create and implement web applications using JavaScript.
  3. Jet Engine Mechanic: Maintain and repair jet engines.
  4. Jig and Fixture Builder: Design and construct jigs and fixtures for manufacturing.
  5. Job Safety Analyst: Analyze and improve workplace safety and health.
  6. Joinery Estimator: Estimate costs and materials for joinery projects.
  7. Joint Integrity Technician: Ensure the integrity of bolted joints in structures.
  8. Journeyman Electrician: Install, maintain, and repair electrical systems.
  9. Journeyman Lineman: Install and maintain electrical power and telecommunications lines.
  10. Junior Civil Engineer: Assist in civil engineering projects under supervision.
  11. Junior Data Analyst: Analyze data under guidance, often in a learning capacity.
  12. Junior Mechanical Engineer: Assist in designing and developing mechanical systems.
  13. Junior Software Developer: Develop software under the supervision of senior developers.
  14. Junior System Administrator: Assist in managing and supporting IT systems.
  15. Junior Web Developer: Assist in the development of websites and web applications.
  16. Jurassic Paleontologist: Study fossils and geological formations from the Jurassic period.
  17. Jupyter Notebook Developer: Develop and maintain Jupyter Notebook applications.
  18. Justice System Analyst: Analyze and improve justice system processes.
  19. Juvenile Behavioral Specialist: Work with youth to address and modify behavioral issues.
  20. J2EE Developer: Develop enterprise applications using Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition.
  21. JBoss Administrator: Manage and configure JBoss application server environments.
  22. JDE Developer: Develop and maintain applications in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
  23. Jira Administrator: Manage and configure Jira software for project management.
  24. JIT (Just In Time) Manufacturing Engineer: Optimize manufacturing processes based on JIT principles.
  25. Job Evaluation Specialist: Assess and evaluate various job positions within an organization.
  26. Job Shop Manager: Manage operations in a job shop manufacturing setting.
  27. Joinery Engineer: Design and oversee the production of joinery components.
  28. Journeyman Plumber: Install and repair plumbing systems.
  29. Journeyman Welder: Perform skilled welding tasks.
  30. JScript Developer: Develop applications using JScript programming language.
  31. JSON Developer: Work with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) in software development.
  32. Jugular Vein Expert: Specialize in medical procedures involving the jugular vein.
  33. Juice Processing Technician: Operates machinery in juice production and processing.
  34. Jumbo Drill Operator Technician: Operate jumbo drills in mining or construction.
  35. Junket Operator: Organize and promote trips or social events, often in the gambling industry.
  36. JVM (Java Virtual Machine) Engineer: Develop and maintain JVM for running Java applications.
  37. J2ME Developer: Create applications for mobile devices using Java 2 Micro Edition.
  38. Jackhammer Operator: Operate a jackhammer for construction or demolition.
  39. Jacquard Loom Programmer: Program and operate Jacquard looms for textile production.
  40. Jail Technology Administrator: Manage and oversee technology systems in a correctional facility.
  41. Jet Fuel Technician: Specializes in handling and maintaining jet fuel.
  42. Jig Borer: Operates precision boring machines in manufacturing.
  43. Jigsaw Puzzle Designer: Design and create jigsaw puzzles.
  44. Job Analyst: Analyze job roles and responsibilities for organizational structure.
  45. Job Cost Accountant: Track and analyze costs associated with specific jobs.
  46. Jointing Technician: Specialize in joining materials in manufacturing or construction.
  47. Joist Designer: Design joists for construction projects.
  48. JPEG Algorithm Developer: Develop and improve JPEG compression algorithms.
  49. Junior Acoustic Consultant: Assist in providing acoustic consultation services.
  50. Junior Bioinformatics Scientist: Assist in analyzing biological data, typically in a learning capacity.

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