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  1. Xenobiologist: Studies and researches life forms outside Earth or in speculative biology.
  2. X-ray Technician: Operates X-ray machines to produce medical images.
  3. Xeriscape Designer: Designs drought-resistant and water-efficient landscapes.
  4. X-ray Technologist: Specializes in operating and interpreting X-ray images.

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  • X-ray Service Engineer
  • X Ray Equipment Mechanic
  • X Ray Operator
  • Xm1 Tank Driver
  • X Ray Equipment Tester
  • X Ray Developer
  • X Ray Physician
  • Xerox Machine Assembler
  • X-Ray Technician (X-Ray Tech)
  • X Ray Technician
  • X-ray Service Technician
  • Xerox Machine Mechanic
  • X-Ray Inspector
  • X Ray Electronics Wireman
  • X-Ray Technologist (X-Ray Tech)
  • Xerox Machine Operator
  • X Ray Nurse