25 Terrestrial Animals Names and Pictures (Land Animals)

Terrestrial Animals

Which are terrestrial animals? Terrestrial animals are organisms that primarily inhabit land environments, which include a broad range of species from elephants to beetles.

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Types Of Terrestrial Animals

The three types of terrestrial animals are mammals, reptiles, and insects.

  1. Mammals, such as humans and dogs, are warm-blooded vertebrates that typically give birth to live young.
  2. Reptiles, like snakes and turtles, are cold-blooded vertebrates with scaly skin.
  3. Insects, such as ants and butterflies, have six legs and segmented bodies.

Terrestrial Animals Name

Terrestrial Animals Name

Below are 25 terrestrial animal names and images.

Elk Elk
Giraffes Giraffe
Grouse Grouse
Bighorn Sheep Bighorn Sheep
Camels Camel
Groundhog Groundhog
Ostriches Ostriches
Deer Deer
Crickets Crickets
Monitor Lizards Monitor Lizard
Hippopotamus Hippopotamus
Elephants Elephant
Spiders Spider
Bears Bear
Owls Owl 1
Opossums Opossum
Kangaroos Kangaroo
Chimpanzee Chimpanzee
Lions Lion
American Bison American Bison
Chipmunk Chipmunk
Gray Wolf Wolf
Gorillas Gorilla
Pronghorn Pronghorn
Coyote Coyote

Names of Terrestrial Animals and Characteristics

Below are 20 names of terrestrial animals and their characteristics:

  1. Lion: Majestic carnivorous mammal, known for its mane.
  2. Elephant: Enormous herbivore with a long trunk and tusks.
  3. Cheetah: Fastest land animal, built for speed and agility.
  4. Giraffe: Tall herbivore with a long neck and distinctive spots.
  5. Kangaroo: Marsupial with powerful hind legs and a pouch.
  6. Wolf: Social predator, known for its howling communication.
  7. Penguin: Flightless bird adapted for swimming in icy waters.
  8. Tiger: Large feline predator with distinctive orange coat stripes.
  9. Rhino: Massive herbivorous mammal with a horn on its nose.
  10. Bear: Omnivorous mammal with a stocky build and strong claws.
  11. Horse: Domesticated ungulate with great strength and speed.
  12. Gorilla: Intelligent, strong primate known for its size.
  13. Cheetah: Agile carnivorous mammal with incredible acceleration.
  14. Zebra: Striped herbivore is known for its distinctive black-and-white coat.
  15. Crocodile: Semi-aquatic reptile with a powerful jaw and armored skin.
  16. Koala: Arboreal marsupial is known for its eucalyptus diet.
  17. Orangutan: Intelligent ape native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia.
  18. Hippopotamus: Massive semi-aquatic mammal with a barrel-shaped body.
  19. Penguin: Flightless bird is known for its waddling walk and swimming ability.
  20. Chimpanzee: Highly intelligent primate with complex social structures.


Are Birds Terrestrial Animals?

Yes, birds are terrestrial animals.

Animals Live on Land Are Called?

Animals that live on land are called terrestrial animals.

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