20 Slang for Old Friends (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Old Friends Mean?

“Old friends” refers to individuals who have known each other for a long time and share a deep and enduring bond of friendship. These relationships are characterized by a history of shared experiences, trust, and a sense of familiarity. Old friends often have a unique understanding of each other due to their long-standing connection.

Slang For Old Friends

Slang Words for Old Friends

Here is the list of slang words for Old Friends with meanings:

  1. Ride-or-dies – Trustworthy, always their friends.
  2. Homies – Close friends from the neighborhood.
  3. Day-ones – Friends from the beginning.
  4. Bros – Close male friends.
  5. Aces – Someone very close.
  6. BFFs – Best friends forever.
  7. Pals – Casual term for friends.
  8. Buddies – Close companions.
  9. Chums – Friendly associates.
  10. Mates – Friends, often used in the UK.
  11. Crew – Group of close friends.
  12. Peeps – People, referring to close friends.
  13. Dudes – Casual term for guys or friends.
  14. Amigos – Friends, from Spanish.
  15. Compas – Friends, casual and colloquial.
  16. Fam – Short for family, close friends.
  17. Confidants – Trusted friends.
  18. Comrades – Companions sharing a task.
  19. Sidekicks – Friends always by your side.
  20. Boonies – Very close friends.

Use of Old Friends Slang in Example Sentences

  1. We’ve been ride-or-dies since preschool.
  2. Those are my homies from high school.
  3. She’s been my day-one since kindergarten.
  4. We’re just a couple of bros hanging out.
  5. She’s my ace in any situation.
  6. We’re BFFs and always will be.
  7. Let’s grab lunch with the pals tomorrow.
  8. The movie night is for buddies only.
  9. My chums and I go way back.
  10. My mates from college are visiting.
  11. Our crew is meeting up tonight.
  12. Introduced her to my peeps yesterday.
  13. The dudes are gathering for a game.
  14. We’re amigos for life, always.
  15. Always partying with my compas.
  16. She’s more like fam than a friend.
  17. We’re each other’s confidants in hard times.
  18. The project made us strong comrades.
  19. Everyone needs a sidekick like him.
  20. My boonies never let me down.

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