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Below are some very useful Prepositional Phrases List with Example Sentences. There are some words followed by the preposition. We have tried our best to provide an easy-to-understand example to make it an easy exercise for beginners.

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What is a Preposition in English Grammar?

A preposition is basically a word that joins two nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words in the sentence. Here we will discuss some Prepositional Phrases List. The prepositional phrases list contains prepositions that make the sentence more meaningful and make it easy to understand. Here is the complete book that contains prepositional phrases list of daily used in conversation. Prepositional Phrases List

Prepositional Phrases List

Below is the list of prepositional phrases with examples:

Sr. No. Prepositional Phrases Sentences
1 Abide by Always abide by your promise.
2 Abound in The pond abounds in fish.
3 Absent from He was absent from the class.
4 Absolve from He was absolved from the blame.
5 Absorbed in He is absorbed in the study now.
6 Abstain from I abstain from smoking.
7 Accede to He acceded to my proposal.
8 Access to He has no access to the principal.
9 Acceptable to His advice is not acceptable to me.
10 Account for He must account for his misdeed.
11 Accompanied by I was accompanied by Ali going to America.
12 Accomplished in She is accomplished in singing.
13 Accord with His actions do not accord with his status.
14 According to He acted according to his plan and succeeded.
15 Accountable to Every Muslim is accountable to Allah.
16 Adapt to He adapts himself according to every situation.
17 Add to His father added to his difficulties.
18 Adept in She is adept at singing.
19 Adequate for This food is adequate for us.
20 Adequate to His pay is not adequate for his qualifications.

Words followed by Preposition

Sr. No. Prepositional Phrases Sentences
21 Adheres to He adheres to his belief.
22 Adjacent to My house is adjacent to the college.
23 Admit of His crime admits of no accuse.
24 Admit to He has been admitted to the college.
25 Adulterate with Never adulterate milk with water.
26 Adverse to His remarks were adverse to mine.
27 Averse to I am averse to flattery. Prepositional Phrases List
28 Affection for I have great affection for my friend.
29 Affinity for Ali has a great affinity for pigeons.
30 Affinity with He has a great affinity with me.
31 Afraid of I am not afraid of death.
32 Agree  with Do you agree with me on this matter?
33 Agree to I agree to your plan.
34 Aim at He aims at becoming a Doctor.
35 Alive to I am alive to my faults.
36 Alternate to There is no alternative to hard work.
37 Ambitious for He is ambitious for fame.
38 Angry at He was angry at your remarks.
39 Answer for We must answer for our actions.
40 Answer to This book answer to my needs.

Preposition Phrases List

List of  Prepositions with examples! More than 500 daily conversational and most frequently Used prepositional phrases list. Below is the list of 500 prepositional phrases with, in, at, on, out, etc.

At a speed of At most By luck
By rights In advance In aid of
In cash In exchange for In ink
In sight (of) On a regular basis On a small scale
On business On credit On the move
Out of curiosity At a price By birth
By dint of In a hurry In awe of
In bulk In conclusion In disgrace
In hiding In of focus On a diet
On an expedition On good terms On principle
On the outskirts Out of breath At one’s request
At the outset By coincidence In anticipation of
In common In convoy In disguise
In disorder In duplicate In excess of
On a trip On remand On the hour
On the road Out of spite Out of the question
At one’s leisure By definition By marriage
In a temper In an uproar In code
In contact with In decline In favor of
In of one’s element On approval On guard
On remand On the job On the strength of
Out of hand At a rate of At war
By degrees By the name of In arrears
In brief In comfort In danger
In danger In demand In good condition
On bail On board On the agenda
On the eve of On the run Out of the ordinary
At least At one’s side By no means

prepositional phrases list

By sea In a sense In an uproar
In defense of In detail In earnest
In high spirits On a pension On balance
On display On loan On the air
Out of work At the double At the end
By all accounts In anticipation of In combination with
In control of In demand In future
In harmony (with) In high spirits On horseback
On the agenda On the increase On watch
Out of doors Out of stock At a loss
By check By land In an instant
In confusion In doubt In fact
In fairness to In hiding In of stock
On account of On approval On sale
On the brink of On the record Out of practice
At large At liberty By all means
In blossom In conjunction with In decline
In essence In fear of In flames
In gear On oath On second thoughts
On the assumption On the edge of Out of ideas
Out of jealousy At a low ebb At length
By hand By law In a deep sleep
In accordance with In fact In fear of
In good faith In honor of On bail
On file On leave On show
On suspicion of Out of order At a standstill
At high speed By means of In answer to
In debt In detail In dispute
In effect In general In good faith
On condition that On schedule On the horizon
On the phone Out of duty Out of reach
At noon By chance By my watch

prepositional phrases list

In character In consequence of In contrast with
In difficulty In disguise In haste
In horror On a spree On end
On occasion On strike On the dot
Out of respect for At all events By courtesy of
By request In agony In all likelihood
In command of In due course In favor of
In full In hand On a journey
On purpose On show On suspicion of
On the part of Out of control At a fraction of
At peace By air In answer to
In flames In full In good condition
In horror In of prison In time
On a large scale On business On one’s terms
On order On the point of Out of print
At sight By heart By sight
In a heap In addition to In custody
In defense of In future In harmony (with)
In of season On behalf of On board
On parade On patrol On reflection
Out of context At a glance At all costs
By far By force In a flash
In action In arrears In disgrace
In flower In gear In of touch
On an expedition On fire On paper
On the dot On vacation Out of date
At one time At risk By design
In abeyance In abundance In agreement with
In comparison with In compensation for In distress
In the forefront of On one’s own On order
On strike On the brink of Out of one’s mind
Out of sight At a discount At a guess
By appointment In a mess In charge of
In confidence In connection with In error
In fairness to In honor of On an island
On hand On impulse On the off-chance
Out of pity Out of step At a distance
At night By accident By mistake
In collaboration with In debt In general
In haste In of focus In of use
On an island On average On average
On foot On the grounds of Out of place
At a loose and At issue By any standard
By nature In a pile In confinement
In existence In flower In hand
In ink On behalf of On edge
On no account On pain of On the edge of
Out of fashion

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