10 Funny and Short Poems for 6 Year Olds

Introduce your little ones to the delightful world of poetry! Dive into these 10 whimsical and short poems, perfectly crafted for the giggles and imagination of 6-year-olds. Ready to embark on a fun-filled poetic journey? Let’s go!

Funny and Short Poems for 6 Year Olds

1. The Jumping Jellybean

This poem is about a playful jellybean that just can’t seem to sit still. Every time you think it’s done bouncing, it surprises you again.

Jellybean, jellybean, jump so high,

Over the moon, touch the sky.

Every color, every hue,

Jumping, bouncing, never through.


In my hand, you won’t stay put,

Hopping around like a footloose foot.

Red or green, or even blue,

Each jump brings something new.


Little bean, so full of zest,

Take a moment, have a rest.

But just as I thought you’d take a nap,

Off you go, with another leap and clap!

2. The Sneezing Sunflower

Have you ever seen a sunflower sneeze? It’s quite a sight! This poem brings to life a sunflower that just can’t stop its sneezes.

Sunny sunflower standing tall,

In the middle of the garden hall.

With a sniff and a snuffle, what’s to come?

A mighty sneeze under the sun!


Petals shaking, bees a-buzz,

Wondering what all the fuss is about.

For every time the flower did sneeze,

Out popped a butterfly, light as a breeze.


“Excuse me,” the sunflower would say,

Each time a sneeze came its way.

But the garden laughed and played along,

Dancing to the sunflower’s sneezy song.

3. The Frog’s Umbrella

It’s raining, and Mr. Frog needs an umbrella. But where can a frog find one that’s just the right size? Let’s see!

Mr. Frog sat on a log,

Watching rain, in the bog.

Wishing for an umbrella, just his size,

To shield from drops that fall from the skies.


He tried a leaf, he tried a flower,

But none could withstand the rain shower.

Then he saw a mushroom, sturdy and wide,

Under it, he did hide.


Now every time it begins to drizzle,

Mr. Frog sits, without a sizzle.

Under his mushroom, dry and snug,

Happy and cozy, with a smug little shrug.

4. Ticklish Toes

Everyone has ticklish spots, and for some, it’s their toes. This poem is about the ticklish toes that can’t help but giggle.

Ticklish toes on both my feet,

When they’re tickled, they can’t be discreet.

They wriggle, they giggle, and jump about,

Making me laugh, without a doubt.


Feathers or fingers, whichever comes near,

My toes know the tickling is here.

They twist and turn, trying to flee,

From the tickly feeling, full of glee.


Next time you see toes peeking through,

Remember they might be ticklish too.

And if you dare to give them a poke,

Prepare for giggles, and lots of toe-joke!

5. Mismatched Socks

Wearing mismatched socks can be a fun fashion statement. This poem celebrates the joy of being unique and standing out in a crowd.

Today I wore two different socks,

One had stripes, the other had blocks.

Some said it’s funny, others just stared,

But I simply smiled, for I had dared.


Walking around with colors so bright,

My left and right foot, quite the sight.

Some asked why, I said, “Why not?”,

For it’s fun to mix the lot.


Mismatched socks, a trend so new,

Try it yourself, maybe in blue.

Be unique, stand tall and rock,

The world of colorful, mismatched sock!

6. The Hungry Pillow

What if your pillow got hungry at night? This funny poem imagines what a hungry pillow might do.

My pillow whispered in my ear,

“I’m hungry, got any snack, my dear?”

I chuckled and thought, “This can’t be real,”

But then it munched on my quilt’s seal!


Night after night, it munched and crunched,

On buttons, and bookmarks, and even my lunch.

I tried to feed it, cotton and fluff,

But it shook its corners, said, “That’s not enough!”


So if your pillow seems plump and filled,

Beware! It might have secretly spilled.

Its hunger for trinkets, snacks, and stuff,

Oh, these hungry pillows, never enough!

7. The Dancing Pencil

Ever wondered what your stationary does when you’re not around? This poem is about a pencil that loves to dance when no one’s watching.

In my pencil case, late at night,

There’s a pencil that takes flight.

It twirls and whirls, with much finesse,

Dancing away, in a pencil dress.


Erasers clap, and sharpeners sing,

Celebrating the pencil king.

With every twirl, a little mark,

Dancing doodles, light and dark.


So if you see scribbles, not done by you,

Know that your pencil had a dance or two.

While you sleep, without a glance,

Your pencil might just take a chance and dance!

8. The Chatty Shoes

Imagine if shoes could talk! What stories would they tell? This poem is about a pair of chatty shoes sharing their daily tales.

My left shoe said to the right,

“Did you see that puddle, oh what a sight!”

Right shoe replied, “Yes, indeed,

Jumping in it was a good deed!”


Day in, day out, they’d chat and discuss,

The soft grass, the sticky fuss.

Muddy paths, or clean tiled floor,

Every day brought stories galore.


Next time you wear your shoes so neat,

Listen closely, you might hear a beat.

Of chatty shoes, sharing their day,

Walking with you, all the way!

9. The Laughing Mirror

What if mirrors had feelings? This poem is about a mirror that loves to giggle every time it reflects a funny face.

Every morning, I stand and stare,

At my mirror, sleek and bare.

But today, it started to giggle and grin,

Laughing at my bed hair, oh what a sin!


I made a face, it laughed some more,

Never had I seen it so uproarious before.

Mustaches, glasses, big googly eyes,

Every face, a new surprise.


So next time you stand, to comb or brush,

Remember your mirror might just hush.

To snicker or chuckle, at the fun it sees,

Reflecting all our silly sprees!

10. The Slippery Soap

Bath time is fun, especially with a slippery soap that just can’t stay in one place. This poem tells the tale of such a playful soap.

Slippery soap, in my hand you slide,

Trying to escape, every time I tried.

Dancing on my fingers, so agile and neat,

Making bathtime feel so complete.


Into the tub, with a splash and a splosh,

You’d swim and twirl, then off you’d slosh.

Bubbles trailing behind, like a floaty cape,

Crafting a soapy, watery landscape.


So here’s to the soap, playful and free,

Making every bath as fun as can be.

Slipping and sliding, without any hope,

Of ever catching that slippery soap!

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