10 Funny and Short Poems for 5 Year Olds

Unleash the giggles and embrace the wondrous world of imagination with these 10 delightful short poems tailored just for 5-year-olds! Dive into whimsical tales and playful rhymes that will surely tickle tiny funny bones and brighten up any day. Dive in and giggle away!

Funny and Short Poems for 5 Year Olds

1. Silly Socks Dance

Little feet can’t resist dancing, especially when wearing the silliest of socks. This poem celebrates the joy of wearing funny socks and letting them take the lead.

Silly socks on my feet,

Twirling around, feeling neat.

Polka dots, stripes, and a bear,

Dancing in the air, without a care.


They wiggle and jiggle, oh so fun,

Under the bright shining sun.

Left foot, right, they both prance,

Join us in our silly sock dance!


When the moon says goodnight,

Socks rest after their flight.

Dreaming of another day’s chance,

For another silly sock dance.

2. The Chocolate Moon

Have you ever looked up at the moon and imagined it was made of chocolate? This poem indulges in that delicious fantasy.

In the sky, so high and soon,

There’s a big chocolate moon.

I wish I could reach and take a bite,

Oh, what a yummy delight!


With marshmallow stars around,

It’s the tastiest sky I’ve found.

A Milky Way that’s actually milk,

And a comet with a silk chocolate bilk.


One day, I’ll take a balloon,

Fly up and meet the moon.

Share with friends, a choco feast,

Under the starry east.

3. Teddy’s Big Adventure

Teddy bears are a child’s loyal companion. This poem imagines a day when Teddy goes off on an unexpected adventure.

Teddy sat on my bed,

Dreaming big thoughts in his head.

He wanted adventure, he wanted to roam,

Outside of our cozy home.


He hopped on a toy train,

Whizzing past the windowpane.

Met ducks, danced in the rain,

Then climbed a candy cane.


Back in bed, he sighed with glee,

“What a day!” he whispered to me.

Dreams of adventures can come true,

For Teddy, and me and you.

4. The Bubble’s Trip

Bubbles float and dance in the air, each taking its own path. This poem follows a bubble’s joyful journey.

A bubble I blew, shimmering blue,

Off on a journey, to places new.

Gliding past trees, a bird’s soft chirp,

Making rainbow arcs, with each little swerve.


It danced with a butterfly, high and low,

Over the meadow, putting up a show.

Played hide and seek with the sun,

Its shimmering journey, never done.


Until a breeze, it did meet,

A soft gentle kiss, oh so sweet.

Bubble popped, but don’t you weep,

Its dreams live on, in its bubble-y sleep.

5. Muddy Puddles

Jumping in muddy puddles is a joy every child relishes. This poem celebrates that simple, muddy delight.

Muddy puddles, oh so fun!

Jumping in them, one by one.

Splash and splosh, wet and wild,

Every child’s joyful styled.


Boots on, ready to leap,

Into the mud, oh so deep.

Laughing, playing, in the sun,

Muddy puddles, here we come!


When the day starts to fade,

And our energy starts to jade.

We’ll remember the joy and huddle,

Of the day in the muddy puddle.

6. Rainbow’s End

Chasing rainbows is a whimsical adventure. This poem imagines what treasures might be found at a rainbow’s end.

Over hills, past the bend,

Where might be the rainbow’s end?

Is it gold or a magical den?

I’ll find out, but just when?


Maybe unicorns play and reside,

With fairies and elves side by side.

Or a pot full of candy so wide,

With chocolates and gummies inside.


One day, with a map in my hand,

I’ll seek the treasures of the rainbow land.

Until then, I’ll dream and pretend,

Of magical adventures at the rainbow’s end.

7. Pancake Morning

Morning pancakes bring happiness and delight. This poem is a tribute to every child’s favorite breakfast treat.

Golden pancakes on my plate,

Morning’s here, I just can’t wait!

Syrup dripping, butter spread,

I’m so happy, enough said.


Fluffy, yummy, round, and neat,

With berries, they’re a treat.

Topped with cream, oh what a sight!

Every bite feels just right.


Breakfast’s fun, when pancakes are near,

Whispering sweet things in my ear.

“Eat me, taste me”, they sing and cheer,

Pancake mornings, I hold dear.

8. The Laughing Sunflower

Sunflowers are bright and cheerful. This poem paints a picture of a sunflower that can’t stop laughing.

In the garden, standing tall,

The sunflower laughs, feeling small.

Golden petals, a big sunny face,

Giggling always, full of grace.


Why do you laugh? I asked one day,

The sunflower turned and began to sway.

With bees tickling, and wind’s soft play,

It’s always time for fun, hooray!


Next time you see a flower so bright,

Know it’s laughing with pure delight.

Embracing the sun, and the light of the hour,

That’s the secret of the laughing sunflower.

9. The Tickling Feather

Feathers are soft, gentle, and can be ticklish! This poem is about a feather that loves to play.

Down from the sky, a feather did fall,

Tickling everything, big and small.

It danced on noses, and ears so tight,

Making everyone laugh with pure delight.


On the cat’s paw, on the dog’s tail,

Over the fence and onto the snail.

Whirling, twirling, in its merry spree,

The feather just wants to make us glee.


So if you feel something soft and light,

Know it’s the feather, causing a laugh-fight.

Embrace the tickles, giggle and tether,

To the joyous play of the tickling feather.

10. The Jumpy Jelly

Jellies wobble and jump on the plate. This poem captures the playful nature of our favorite dessert.

On my plate, wobbly and red,

Jelly jumps, as if it just fled.

With a jiggle here, a wiggle there,

It’s the dancing dessert, extraordinaire!


With each spoon, it tries to escape,

Sliding, gliding, like a grape.

Playing peek-a-boo, with fruit inside,

This jumpy jelly, can’t really hide.


So next time, dessert’s on the way,

Look for the jelly, ready to play.

Dance with it, before the first bite,

And enjoy the jumpy jelly’s delight!

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