10 Funny and Short Poems for 7 Year Olds

Dive into a world of giggles and rhymes with these 10 hilarious short poems crafted especially for 7-year-olds! Perfect for a quick read or bedtime chuckles, these verses will tickle young imaginations and leave everyone smiling. Dive in and let the laughter begin!

Funny and Short Poems for 7 Year Olds

1. The Shoe That Flew

This poem talks about a silly shoe that thinks it can fly. A fun read for kids who love to imagine the impossible!

There once was a shoe that could fly,

Over the trees, way up high.

It zoomed past the birds,

Its idea, quite absurd.


“Why does a shoe need the sky?”

Asked a crow, soaring by.

“It just wants some fun!”

Said the shoe on the run.


With a twirl and a spin,

It landed, a big grin.

For flying’s quite neat,

Even for feet!

2. The Jellybean Dream

Dreams can be so vivid and funny. Imagine a world where jellybeans rule and have their own kingdom!

In a land of jellybean streams,

Where everything’s sweet, it seems.

Kings and queens slide,

On rainbow rides so wide.


They dance and they sing,

In a wobbly jelly ring.

Their castles so clear,

Made of candy, my dear.


So, when I wake up and beam,

I cherish my jellybean dream.

For a world so sweet,

Is a delightful treat!

3. Monster Under My Bed

Every child wonders about the monster under their bed. What if it’s just looking for a friend?

There’s a monster under my bed,

With fifteen eyes and a big red head.

It rumbles and growls,

Wearing pajama nightgowns.


I peeked one night, and what did I see?

The monster reading a book to three.

Tiny monsters, listening with glee,

A bedtime story, just like me.


So, I whispered, “Can I join too?”

And now, bedtime’s fun for our whole crew!

4. The Dancing Spoon

Inanimate objects coming to life is always fun. What if your spoon wanted to have a little dance in your bowl?

In my bowl of soup, so warm,

The spoon began to perform.

A twirl, a dip, a slide,

Moving with such pride.


Carrots clapped, peas did cheer,

Potatoes gave a loud jeer.

The broth formed a stage,

As the spoon danced with rage.


When dinner was all done,

I thanked my spoon for the fun.

Who knew eating could be,

Such a delightful spree!

5. The Cat in the Hat… Again

What happens when the famous cat visits, but this time, he’s looking for his hat?

The cat came back, but oh dear!

Without his hat, shedding a tear.

He searched up high, he searched down low,

Where did that hat go?


I found it on the chair,

Being worn by teddy bear.

“Mr. Bear,” said cat with a sigh,

“May I have my hat, oh my?”


With the hat on tight,

Cat danced with delight.

For a cat without a hat,

Just isn’t right, imagine that!

6. The Laughing Cloud

What if clouds had feelings? Imagine a cloud that loves to laugh and spread joy.

Up in the sky, so profound,

Was a cloud that loved to sound.

A chuckle, a giggle, a big hearty laugh,

Making the sun and moon take a gaffe.


Raindrops tickled as they fell,

Each one with a funny tale to tell.

Thunder was just its belly’s rumble,

Making the earth slightly crumble.


So, next time when skies are loud,

Remember it’s just a laughing cloud.

Spreading joy, come rain or sun,

Ensuring fun for everyone!

7. Sleepy Mr. Moon

The moon is always awake at night. But what if Mr. Moon wanted to take a quick nap?

Mr. Moon up in the night,

Yawned and dimmed his light.

“I’m so tired,” he did say,

“Can I nap, just a wee bit today?”


Stars twinkled and said, “Sure!”

“We’ll shine brighter, pure and pure.”

So, Mr. Moon took a little snooze,

While stars danced in twos.


When he woke, fresh and new,

He smiled and said, “Thank you!”

For even moons, now and again,

Need rest from their nightly reign.

8. Wiggly Tooth Tales

Losing a tooth can be a big event for kids. Here’s a playful take on the adventurous journey of a wiggly tooth.

I have a tooth, wiggly and free,

Dancing in my mouth, full of glee.

It wobbles left, it wobbles right,

It might just take its flight tonight.


Tooth fairy, are you near?

For my tooth’s exit is clear.

A shiny coin or maybe two,

For my tooth, shiny and new.


Morning came, under my pillow so soft,

A surprise awaited, aloft.

For wiggly teeth, have tales to tell,

Of their adventures, oh so swell!

9. Chocolate Chip Chase

Who can resist a delicious chocolate chip? Here’s a fun chase between a kid and a mischievous chocolate chip!

In my cookie, big and round,

One chip was nowhere to be found.

It jumped from the plate, with a skip,

It was a mischievous chocolate chip!


I chased it here, I chased it there,

Through the kitchen, up the stair.

It giggled and hid, playing a game,

This chip was wild, not at all tame.


At last, I caught it, oh so quick,

Back in my cookie, it did stick.

For a cookie’s best, we all know,

With every chip in tow!

10. The Tickle Monster’s Day Out

Tickling can be so much fun! Here’s a day in the life of a tickle monster, out to spread joy.

There’s a monster, not of fright,

But of giggles and pure delight.

He has fingers, feathery and light,

Tickling everyone in sight.


In the park, kids would shout,

“Tickle Monster’s out and about!”

With every touch, laughter would sprout,

Turning moods, without a doubt.


So, if you feel a feather’s play,

Know the Tickle Monster’s not far away.

Spreading joy, come what may,

Making everyone’s day, hip hurray!

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