10 Funeral & Death Poems for Cousin (Male & Female)

Losing a cousin leaves a unique void; they are often our first friends and closest peers. This collection of 10 heartfelt funeral and death poems pays tribute to the bond shared with both male and female cousins, capturing the pain, love, and memories intertwined in their absence.

Death Poems for Cousin

1. “A Shared Childhood”

This poem is about the times we spend with our cousins during our childhood. It captures the essence of growing up together, the adventures shared, and the void left by the passing of a cousin.

We built our forts, we climbed the trees,

A pair of wild young wannabees.

In youthful days, not thinking then,

That one would leave, not say “again.”


From laughter shared to scrapes we’ve healed,

In every way, your love’s been sealed.

Now, empty stands our childhood’s stage,

The book has turned another page.


With tears we close this chapter, true,

But in my heart, I’ll always have you.

Though life moves on, in memories bind,

You’ll never, ever, leave my mind.

2. “Till We Meet Again”

This poem discusses the bond between cousins that transcends physical absence. It speaks to the belief that while one may be gone, they are never truly far away in spirit.

Your smile, a beacon in the night,

Guided us through, made everything right.

Now you’ve left, and the world’s gone dim,

A void so vast, filled only with him.


I find your echo in songs we’ve shared,

In family tales, and moments paired.

Your absence speaks in silent dread,

Yet in my heart, you’re not truly dead.


We’ll meet again, I hold this true,

In skies of endless, heavenly blue.

Till then, my cousin, my lifelong friend,

It’s not goodbye, just see you ’round the bend.

3. “Unspoken Words”

This poem addresses the sentiments we often leave unspoken but deeply feel. It serves as a reminder that even if we didn’t say enough, the love was always there.

I never said, “I love you,” loud,

Yet, we didn’t need words to be proud.

The hugs, the nods, a look in the eyes,

We spoke a language that needs no goodbyes.


I wish I said what’s now in my heart,

Before fate chose for us to part.

Regret hangs heavy, a weight to bear,

Yet, I know you knew, you had to be aware.


In silent whispers and quiet tears,

I’ll speak those words to the passing years.

Though you’re gone, our love won’t sever,

In my heart, you’ll live forever.

4. “Seasons Change”

This poem reflects on how the relationship between cousins can be like the changing seasons: full of different emotions and experiences, yet always a part of one another’s lives.

Spring brought laughter, summer brought sun,

In the season of youth, we were second to none.

Then autumn came, with changes galore,

Still, we knew what our friendship was for.


Winter now, with its cold bitter end,

I never thought I’d lose such a friend.

Snowflakes fall, yet none are the same,

Like our memories, they aren’t ones to tame.


As seasons change, and years float by,

Your absence still brings a tear to my eye.

Yet, in my heart, through seasons anew,

I know I’ll forever carry you.

5. “Mirror Image”

This poem delves into the notion of cousins as reflections of each other, especially if they have grown up closely and share many common experiences.

You were my mirror, a reflection so true,

In you, I saw the best parts I knew.

Hand in hand, a team against strife,

Twinned souls in the labyrinth of life.


The mirror’s broken, yet the image stays,

A mental photograph framed in a haze.

Though you’re not here to share the view,

Inside my heart, the picture’s of you.


The shards of grief may cut quite deep,

Yet, in my soul, your image I’ll keep.

In every reflection, wherever I go,

I’ll see your face in the afterglow.

6. “Unbroken Chain”

This poem speaks about the unbreakable bonds of family, represented by the chain that links cousins together, even beyond death.

Links in a chain, unbreakable tie,

Invisible bonds, connecting you and I.

From diapers to dances, from games to goodbyes,

One chain that through time, never denies.


One link is missing, removed from the span,

But the chain’s never broken, it’s part of the plan.

You’re just one link in another place,

Still connected in memory, and in grace.


Invisible threads, to which we both cling,

They stretch through dimensions, an unbroken string.

Though you’re not here, in my earthly plane,

I’m linked to you forever, in an unbroken chain.

7. “Rivers and Streams”

The poem likens the life of each cousin to a river, flowing alongside each other, until they eventually merge in the sea of eternity.

Like parallel rivers, we flowed in our youth,

Bound by blood, yet diverse in truth.

In each other’s currents, we’d often dive,

Two streams of life, feeling so alive.


Your river’s run dry, no more bends, no more turns,

Yet the water’s essence eternally returns.

For every droplet that flowed from your stream,

Becomes a part of life’s larger dream.


We’ll meet where all waters finally blend,

In the vast, endless ocean, around a far bend.

Though separate rivers, to the sea, we are led,

Forever conjoined, in that ocean widespread.

8. “Silent Conversations”

This poem is about the unspoken understanding and silent conversations that often exist between close family members like cousins.

In crowded rooms, or quiet nights,

Our eyes would meet, no words, just sights.

Silent chats, across many a space,

Understood, in that brief eye-to-eye embrace.


Now, in quiet, I feel your absence near,

Yet, in my thoughts, you still appear.

Our silent talks continue, in a different form,

You speak in memories, vivid and warm.


Though I can’t see you, or hear your voice,

In these silent conversations, I still rejoice.

For though you’re gone, our connection stays,

In quiet moments, in countless ways.

9. “The Sun Still Rises”

This poem speaks to the inevitable passage of time, even after a profound loss. It aims to offer hope that, while the sun still rises, memories remain.

The sun still rises, but you’re not here,

Its warmth less inviting, its light less clear.

It arcs through the sky, as it’s always done,

Yet, its journey now feels like a lonely one.


Each dawn reminds me, life’s page has turned,

But memories of you, in golden hues, are burned.

In each morning’s light, and evening’s glow,

You’re the missing piece in my day’s ebb and flow.


Though sunsets mark another day you’re not near,

In every sunrise, your memory is clear.

The sun still rises, and so must I,

With you in my heart, as days pass by.

10. “Stargazing Memories”

This poem touches upon the idea of looking up at the night sky and finding comfort in stars, thinking of them as memories or spirits of our loved ones, forever shining down on us.

In the canvas of the night, stars twinkle so bright,

Each one, a memory, of you taking flight.

From games played at dusk to secrets we’d share,

Now, I look up, and feel you right there.


Midst galaxies vast, and the moon’s gentle sheen,

In starlit silence, your presence is seen.

Each twinkle a wink, each meteor a jest,

In this celestial dance, your spirit’s at rest.


Though nights grow long, and the void feels deep,

In the stars above, your memory I keep.

Forever shining, distant yet near,

In the night sky, you’re still here, my dear.

Cousin Death Poems That Make You Cry

1. “Eclipsed Sun”

This poem delves into the sorrow of losing a cousin, likening their absence to an unexpected eclipse that darkens the brightness of one’s day, casting a shadow on cherished memories.

In the noon of our lives, you faded away,

Like a sun eclipsed, turning day to gray.

Bright memories now shadowed with grief’s hue,

The world feels incomplete, missing its due.


Where laughter echoed, silence now holds court,

Moments shared, now memories to support.

From secrets whispered to dreams we’d conceive,

In your absence, it’s hard to believe.


Yet, every eclipse must come to an end,

Though the sun returns, it’s different, my friend.

With tearful eyes, I’ll remember our fun,

But life feels colder without my eclipsed sun.

2. “Gone Too Soon”

This poem expresses the anguish of losing a cousin who left the world prematurely, emphasizing the feeling of being robbed of time and shared moments that were meant to be.

A life cut short, dreams left incomplete,

Your absence hits like a heartbeat’s missed beat.

For the times not shared, and words left unsaid,

The world’s now amiss, a heaviness I dread.


Together we dreamt of futures so grand,

Hand in hand, we’d traverse life’s shifting sand.

But fate had plans, different from our tune,

Cruel and unkind, you were gone too soon.


With every tear, I mourn what’s been lost,

The price of memories, a heavy cost.

In life’s fleeting dance, you were our boon,

But the song stopped abruptly, gone too soon.

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