10 Funny and Short Poems for 14 Year Olds

Dive into a world of humor and brevity with these 10 hilarious short poems tailored for 14-year-olds! From teenage quirks to relatable moments, these verses are sure to tickle your funny bone and light up your day. Read on and enjoy the laughter!

Funny and Short Poems for 14 Year Olds

1. Homework Woes

Before diving into the world of teenage academics, let’s share a chuckle about the universally relatable homework woes. This poem highlights the humorous struggles of keeping up with assignments.

My homework’s due tomorrow,

Yet here I sit and sigh.

My dog can’t eat it this time,

Guess I’ll give it a try.


The math is so confusing,

The history’s just as bad.

Science feels like fiction,

This workload makes me mad!


The clock is ticking faster,

Night’s turning into morn.

Maybe I’ll just wish upon

A homework fairy born.

2. Teenage Room Tidiness

The state of a teenager’s room often reflects the chaos of growing up. This poem playfully speaks to the challenge of maintaining order amidst teenage life.

My room is not a mess,

It’s just a creative quest.

Socks, books, and a bit of slime,

All in a chaotic rhyme.


Mom says to clean it up,

But I can’t find my teacup.

Under this pile or maybe that?

Oh look! My long-lost baseball bat.


By evening it’s all spick and span,

Till I begin the cycle again.

Tomorrow it’ll be a mess,

My room, a game of wild guess.

3. The Mysterious Phone Charge

We’ve all been there – searching for that phone charger. This poem humorously delves into the quest for the always-missing charger.

Where did my charger go?

This seems a recurring show.

I left it right on my bed,

Or was it in the shed?


Maybe the couch swallowed whole,

Or it went for a nightly stroll.

Every corner, every nook,

This isn’t just a lost book!


Finally, in my bag it stays,

Hidden away in its maze.

Next time, I’ll remember where,

Until then, it’s hide and seek I swear.

4. Growth Spurt Giggles

Ah, the teenage growth spurt – sudden and often unpredictable. This poem humorously touches on the ups and downs of shooting up in height.

Yesterday I was so small,

Today, I’m oh-so-tall.

Pants are now above my ankle,

Life’s playing a funny prankle.


Each morning, a new surprise,

Will my shoes be the right size?

T-shirts turning into crops,

When will this growing stop?


Parents laugh and say with glee,

“You’re almost taller than me!”

Growing up is quite the sport,

Full of giggles, of every sort.

5. Food Hunt

The teenage hunger seems insatiable. This poem captures the comedic side of those never-ending food quests at home.

The fridge is my new best mate,

Open, close, it’s getting late.

Hoping for a tasty find,

Anything to feed my mind.


Cupboards bare, it’s quite the plight,

Midnight snack, oh what a sight!

Cookies gone, chips all eaten,

Mom’s secret stash? I’m not beaten!


Finally, some cheese and bread,

Guess it’s grilled cheese, go ahead!

Munching, crunching, feeling fine,

Till breakfast, this kitchen’s mine.

6. Gaming All Night

For many teens, late-night gaming sessions are the norm. This poem gives a fun perspective on those marathon gaming nights.

The screen glows bright in my room,

Defeating foes and impending doom.

With each level, my excitement grows,

On this virtual journey, anything goes.


Mom shouts, “Bedtime! Turn it off!”

But I’m about to face the final boss.

One more minute, or maybe five,

In this game world, I feel alive.


Morning rays, eyes wide and bleary,

Late-night gaming, oh so cheery.

Now off to school, dreaming of tonight,

Back to the game, and its thrilling fight.

7. The Social Media Scroll

The world of social media is addictive, and for many teenagers, it’s a daily ritual. This poem adds a light-hearted spin on this modern pastime.

Scrolling, scrolling, never stopping,

Likes, shares, and constant swapping.

Pictures of cats, and dances too,

This virtual world, forever new.


Friends’ posts, some happy, some blue,

Endless memes, and challenges to do.

Notifications ding, hearts flutter,

Another post, no time to mutter.


Battery low, time for a break,

But wait, one more post to make!

Social media, such a funny troll,

Forever caught in its endless scroll.

8. Sneaker Obsession

Sneakers can become an obsession for many teenagers. This poem humorously delves into the world of sneaker love.

New releases, gotta get ’em fast,

Hoping this pair will surely last.

Bright, shiny, oh so neat,

These sneakers make my outfit complete.


Worn once, then onto the shelf,

Admiring them, I can’t help myself.

Dreaming of the next to own,

In sneaker land, I’m not alone.


Parents just don’t understand,

It’s more than shoes, it’s something grand.

In my sneakers, I feel so fly,

Walking on clouds, reaching the sky.

9. School Crush Blush

Ah, the innocent school crushes that bring both joy and confusion. This poem touches upon the adorable awkwardness of teenage admiration.

In the hallway, our eyes meet,

Heart skips, feeling the heat.

Blushing cheeks, averted gaze,

School crush, it’s just a phase.


Notes passed, secrets shared,

Wondering if they ever cared.

Daydreaming in every class,

Hoping this feeling will everlast.


End of day, the bell rings loud,

Lost in the face amongst the crowd.

Tomorrow again, the dance will replay,

Crushes and blushes, in teenage ballet.

10. Sibling Shenanigans

Having a sibling during teenage years means endless pranks and playful bickers. This poem celebrates the bond, albeit the mischievous one, between siblings.

My sister stole my favorite tee,

It’s a game, can’t you see?

I’ll take her book, hide it away,

Sibling wars, every single day.


Chasing, shouting, it’s all in jest,

At times annoying, but all in best.

Pranks and laughs, we’re thick as thieves,

Riding the rollercoaster of sibling reprieves.


At day’s end, beneath the banter and jest,

In each other, we find the best.

Through ups and downs, thin and thick,

Siblings forever, through every tick.

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