10 Funny and Short Poems for 13 Year Olds

Dive into a world of humor and imagination with these 10 funny, bite-sized poems crafted especially for 13-year-olds! Perfect for a quick chuckle or to light up your day, these verses capture the joys and quirks of teenage life. Dive in and enjoy the laughter!

Funny and Short Poems for 13 Year Olds

1. The Mystery of Missing Socks

Every teenager knows the perplexing tale of the missing sock. This poem paints a picture of that age-old laundry mystery.

Where did my other sock go?

Into a vortex, perhaps, below?

Laundry day, the mystery’s peak,

One goes in, its partner’s weak.


Is there a sock party somewhere?

A celebration, in who knows where?

Maybe they’re just seeking fame,

In the land of the single sock game.


Yet, as I wear mismatched pairs,

I chuckle, and nobody cares.

For in the realm of growing teens,

Mismatched socks are the unseen queens.

2. The Great Homework Escape

Procrastination is a universal teen experience. This poem captures that ever-relatable moment of dodging one’s responsibilities.

Homework sits, I turn away,

Maybe I’ll just tackle it another day.

The TV calls, games await,

Homework can surely take the bait.


Just one episode, or maybe two,

The clock ticks, time just flew.

Panic hits, midnight nears,

The looming homework now reappears.


I promise tomorrow, I won’t defer,

Yet deep inside, I’m still unsure.

For the dance of delay is a rhythm I know,

The great homework escape, an ongoing show.

3. The Battle of Bedtime

Teenagers often find the allure of staying up late irresistible. This poem delves into the nightly debate between sleep and one more hour of fun.

The clock strikes ten, I’m wide awake,

One more chapter, for goodness’ sake.

But my eyelids droop, bed calls my name,

The nightly battle, always the same.


Friends online, laughing and jest,

Bedtime’s approach, a bothersome pest.

The world’s alive, so much to see,

Sleep’s embrace seems the enemy.


Yet morning comes, and I regret,

The late-night fun, the sleep debt.

I promise tonight, early to bed,

But chances are, it’s late hours instead.

4. The Cellphone’s Plight

In an age dominated by technology, the cell phone’s life is full of ups and downs. This poem tells the tale of a phone’s daily tribulations.

Buzzing, ringing, always near,

My cellphone’s life isn’t always clear.

Dropped in puddles, screen may crack,

Life in a pocket, always pitch-black.


Yet it connects, worlds apart,

Holds memories, close to heart.

Binging shows, texting spree,

The little device, so much glee.


But oh, the horror, battery’s low,

Charging time, life goes slow.

Such is the tale, of my phone’s fight,

Through day’s hustle, and quiet night.

5. The Pimple’s Debut

Teen years come with their own set of challenges, including the dreaded pimple. This poem humorously highlights the life of a surprise zit.

Woke up today, feeling quite spry,

Then saw the pimple, oh my, oh my!

Red and proud, on my nose it stood,

Ready to ruin, my teenage mood.


Tried to hide, with creams and shade,

Yet it gleamed, parading a parade.

Class photos today, what ill-timed luck,

Me and my pimple, truly stuck.


Yet years later, I’ll laugh and jest,

About the pimple, that was quite the pest.

For teenage years, are a fun-filled ride,

Even with pimples, by our side.

6. The Food Raid

Midnight snacks are a rite of passage for many. This poem is all about the adventures of sneaking into the kitchen for a forbidden treat.

Tiptoeing softly, down the hall,

Hunger strikes, midnight’s call.

The fridge awaits, a treasure trove,

Into the kitchen, I stealthily move.


Leftover pizza, cold and nice,

Ice cream scoop, maybe twice?

The joy of snacks, secretly consumed,

By moonlight’s glow, hunger’s doomed.


Yet creaking steps, I freeze in fright,

Mom’s awake, in the pale light.

Busted in the act, I sheepishly grin,

The midnight raid, a sin deliciously thin.

7. The Roller Coaster of Growth

The teenage years are full of growth spurts and awkward phases. This poem humorously captures the essence of growing up.

Yesterday’s pants, now short and tight,

Seems I’ve grown, overnight.

Shoes don’t fit, shirts feel snug,

The roller coaster of growth, with every tug.


Voice cracks and echoes, unpredictable change,

Hair sprouting here, it’s all so strange.

Yet it’s a phase, we all endure,

Teenage years, growth’s grand tour.


One day I’m small, then suddenly tall,

Navigating life, through big and small.

Through the ups and downs, we smile and cope,

For growth’s roller coaster offers endless hope.

8. The Diary of a Leftover Sandwich

Leftovers often lead to forgotten lunches. This poem, from the perspective of a sandwich, speaks of its journey in the back of the fridge.

In the lunchbox, I was made with care,

Hoped to be eaten, in fresh air.

Yet forgotten I was, left behind,

In the fridge’s cold, out of mind.


Days go by, I’m feeling quite stale,

Hoping someone will tell my tale.

Lettuce wilting, cheese feels sad,

Life as a leftover, not so rad.


Yet a week later, finally seen,

Thrown away, no longer the cuisine.

Such is the fate, of a sandwich like me,

A forgotten lunch, in fridge’s decree.

9. The Dilemma of the Last Slice

The challenge of sharing, especially when it comes to food, is something everyone faces. This poem addresses the internal battle over the last slice of pizza.

The box lays open, just one slice left,

A delicious dilemma, of theft or beft.

Should I take it, or leave for another?

The cheesy temptation, oh the bother!


It whispers my name, “Come, take a bite”,

Yet sibling’s eyes, gleam with spite.

The race begins, who will win?

The last slice’s fate, in a whirlwind spin.


Yet mom steps in, slicing it in two,

Sharing’s the answer, it’s what we do.

The last slice dilemma, always the same,

Divide and conquer, in pizza’s fun game.

10. The Ballad of Lost Earbuds

Every teen knows the frustration of misplacing ear buds. This poem narrates the plight of seeking those ever-elusive headphones.

My favorite song, ready to play,

But where are my earbuds? Oh, dismay!

I remember placing them, right on the bed,

Now they’re gone, filling me with dread.


Checked the pockets, and under the chair,

The vanishing act, seems so unfair.

Music awaits, yet silence is my lot,

Those pesky earbuds, always forgot.


Then in the wash, a discovery’s made,

The earbuds’ journey, a watery parade.

Next time I promise, to keep them in sight,

For without music, the world’s not as bright.

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