10 Narcissist Love Poems: Poems About Loving A Narcissist

Dive into a world where love and ego intertwine. These 10 poems offer a poignant exploration of loving a narcissist, capturing the complexities, pain, and bewitching allure. Join us on this poetic journey to understand a love that’s both captivating and confounding.

Poems About Loving A Narcissist

1. Enchanted Mirror

In a relationship with a narcissist, it often feels like gazing into a mirror that reflects their needs and desires, leaving little room for your own identity. This poem captures the allure and captivity of such a love.

In the mirror, there you stand,

Your desires, your demand,

I see me through your lens,

Lost in reflections that never end.


To your beauty, I’m confined,

Yet my essence, hard to find,

Your charm blinds, shadows cast,

In your reflection, I’m entrapped.


In this dance of give and take,

For your love, what’s at stake?

In this mirror, I fade away,

Yet for your gaze, I still stay.

2. Echo’s Lament

Drawing inspiration from the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo, this poem speaks of unrequited love and the longing to be heard amidst overwhelming self-love.

In the valleys, I cried your name,

Echoed back, a twisted game,

I yearn for you, but you adore,

Your reflection, forever more.


Silent screams, in mountains tall,

Awaiting your love’s call,

But you hear only your voice,

In this love, I’ve no choice.


To the world, you’re blind and deaf,

While I, with bated breath,

In your world, I’m just an echo,

Lost in your self-love’s shadow.

3. Love’s Illusion

This poem delves into the mesmerizing illusion created by a narcissist’s love, which, though seemingly perfect, often lacks genuine emotional depth.

Your love, like a painted sky,

Perfect hues, yet emotions shy,

A masterpiece from afar,

Close up, missing every star.


Promises, like shifting sands,

Slipping through heart’s eager hands,

Your world, a beautiful lie,

My heart questions, yet complies.


Drawn to your radiant beam,

Yet love’s depth is but a dream,

In your illusion, I immerse,

Blinded by the universe.

4. The Sun and The Flower

Here, the narcissist is depicted as the sun, always in the center, while the lover, like a flower, constantly turns towards the light, seeking nourishment and acknowledgment.

You’re the sun, I’m the bloom,

In your light, I wish to consume,

Yet for warmth, I always yearn,

To your rays, I always turn.


In your glow, I find my place,

Yet shadowed by your shining face,

You rise, and I’m drawn near,

In your absence, I wither in fear.


Centric sun, my loyalty’s plight,

Chasing you, from dawn to night,

In your circle, I revolve,

Hoping one day, you’d evolve.

5. Captured Songbird

A narcissist’s lover often feels trapped, like a caged bird with clipped wings. This poem tells the tale of such a songbird longing for freedom.

In a cage of gold and bling,

You’ve clipped the songbird’s wing,

To you, her tunes belong,

Yet she yearns to sing her own song.


Shiny bars, a world confined,

Freedom’s song, in her mind,

Yet for you, she chirps and sings,

Hoping love genuine, it brings.


In her notes, a silent plea,

From this cage, she longs to be free,

Yet in your world, she’s confined,

For true love, she’s yet to find.

6. Masked Ball

Loving a narcissist feels like attending a masked ball. Everyone wears a facade, and the true self remains hidden. This poem speaks to that feeling of constantly dancing with masks.

At the ball, we wear our masks,

Revealing truth, a daunting task,

With you, it’s always this dance,

Hoping for a genuine glance.


Eyes that lie, smiles that fade,

In this masquerade you’ve made,

Behind the mask, I hope to see,

A hint of love, true and free.


Yet as the music continues to play,

Real emotions kept at bay,

In this dance of masks and lies,

Love’s true face, often hides.

7. Tidal Pull

A narcissist’s love can be likened to the tide – drawing you in with intensity, only to push you away just as powerfully. This poem captures the ebb and flow of such a relationship.

Like the moon to the sea,

You exert your pull on me,

Drawing close, then pushing away,

In this tidal dance, I sway.


Waves of love, then indifference crash,

In your ocean, I splash and thrash,

Your ebb and flow, constant change,

Seeking depth in shallow range.


Yet, to your shores, I’m bound tight,

Caught in the rhythm, day and night,

In this sea of push and pull,

Love’s depth, I still mull.

8. Puppet’s Love

In the hands of a narcissist, one can feel like a puppet, dancing to their tunes and whims. This poem reflects the feelings of being controlled and manipulated.

Strings attached, you puppeteer,

In your play, I appear,

Dancing to your every whim,

In this love, I feel so dim.


Manipulated, I move and bend,

To your desires, I always tend,

Yet deep within, a spark remains,

A hope that love’s true form attains.


One day these strings might break,

Free from control, a new path I’ll take,

Until then, I dance your song,

In this love, where I belong.

9. Love’s Labyrinth

Loving a narcissist is like navigating a complex maze, where every turn might lead to a dead-end or a new revelation. This poem paints the journey through such a labyrinth.

In your maze, I lose my way,

Twists and turns, night and day,

Seeking the heart, true and pure,

Yet each path, unsure and obscure.


Walls of ego, paths of pride,

In this labyrinth, I reside,

With each step, hope and doubt,

Seeking the way, the route out.


Yet in this maze, love’s light gleams,

Guiding through, or so it seems,

In your labyrinth, I stay lost,

Chasing love, whatever the cost.

10. Illusionist’s Love

The love of a narcissist can often be filled with tricks and illusions, masking the real intentions and feelings. This poem delves into the mesmerizing tricks of such love.

Master of illusion, you weave,

Tricks of love, up your sleeve,

With every act, I’m drawn in,

In this game, can I win?


Smoke and mirrors, love’s disguise,

True emotions, you economize,

I seek truth in every trick,

Yet with each, more cryptic.


Illusionist of love’s domain,

With every act, I feel the strain,

Yet hope remains, amidst the ruse,

That love’s truth, you’ll one day use.

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