15+ Short & Funny Poems about Black Cats

Unveil the mysterious allure of black cats through a whimsical journey of verse! Our collection of 15+ short and funny poems will tickle your funny bone and maybe even bring you good luck. From superstitions to quirky antics, we’re scratching beneath the surface of these enigmatic felines.

Poems about Black Cats

1. Midnight Whiskers

Before you read this poem, imagine a black cat prancing around the house, its sleek fur glowing in the moonlight. “Midnight Whiskers” is an ode to the quiet yet mischievous nature of black cats who roam silently but make their presence felt.

In the hush of night, you stroll,

Midnight whiskers, silent role.

Paws on carpet, eyes like gem,

Moonlight caught on fur’s fine hem.


Stretch and leap, then disappear,

As if you’ve never been quite near.

Behind the couch, above the shelf,

An apparition of yourself.


Softly purr, then yawn, then doze,

In dreams, where only black cat goes.

Nighttime’s velvet, your perfect fit,

The realm where your dark magic sits.

2. The Curious Cat

The next poem, “The Curious Cat,” delves into the inquisitive nature of black cats. Whether it’s a rustling leaf or a dangling string, their curiosity knows no bounds. Their thirst for adventure makes them endlessly fascinating.

A rustling leaf, a whispered sound,

Your pointy ears are turning round.

On velvet paws, you take your quest,

Curiosity puts you to the test.


Under tables, behind the chair,

You sniff the secrets hidden there.

A little mouse, a feathered toy,

Both equally bring endless joy.


The world’s a puzzle, an endless game,

Every corner calls your name.

The Curious Cat, forever keen,

To uncover what remains unseen.

3. The Superstitious Tale

People have long associated black cats with superstitions, both good and bad. “The Superstitious Tale” is a lighthearted look at the various myths surrounding these enigmatic creatures, often seen as omens or symbols.

Cross my path, what do you bring?

Bad luck, good fate, or endless spring?

In olden days, you were a sign,

Of witches’ brews and spells divine.


Black as coal and sleek as night,

Some say you give them quite a fright.

But others think you bring good luck,

A charm against life’s harder muck.


So what’s the truth? We may not know,

In myths and tales, you steal the show.

Yet in our hearts, you have your place,

A furry enigma with a tiny grace.

4. Nine Lives

“Nine Lives” is an exploration of the myth that cats have nine lives. The poem humorously discusses the various “lives” or roles a black cat might take on throughout its day.

Nine lives you have, or so they say,

A warrior, a dreamer, a hunter at bay.

Some lives are short, and others are long,

Nine melodies in your fabled song.


Life number one, you’re up with the sun,

Chasing the dawn, oh what fun!

Life number two, mid-morning nap,

Curled in a ball, in Nature’s lap.


Life number three, you’re off to explore,

While lives four to nine, still have much more.

Nine lives you have, and each is a gift,

A feline enigma, through legends we sift.

5. The Black Cat’s Serenade

In “The Black Cat’s Serenade,” we celebrate the gentle, comforting purrs of a black cat. These sounds, often heard when the cat is content, can also bring comfort to the humans lucky enough to hear them.

Softly you purr, a lullaby’s tone,

A serenade in fur and bone.

Closed are your eyes, curled is your tail,

In dreamy lands, you smoothly sail.


A whispered tune, like distant rain,

A melody that heals all pain.

You breathe in time, a rhythmic song,

Where all that’s right can do no wrong.


On a cushion, or in my lap,

Your serenade fills every gap.

It says “I’m here, all’s well, you see,”

A soothing, furry symphony.

6. The Wizard’s Companion

“The Wizard’s Companion” delves into the fantasy trope where black cats are often seen as the pets or companions of wizards and witches. This poem plays on that fun and whimsical idea.

Beside the wizard, there you sit,

A ball of fur with endless wit.

Eyes like embers, glowing bright,

Guiding through the darkest night.


You’ve seen spells, both old and new,

Alchemy and magical brew.

Invisible ink and wands of yew,

With every spell, you’ve been the crew.


Guardian of scrolls and ancient lore,

Through you, magic’s legends soar.

The wizard’s faithful, silent guide,

On broomstick journeys, far and wide.

7. Hide and Seek

“Hide and Seek” plays on the elusive nature of black cats, especially how they seem to vanish only to reappear when least expected. This poem captures that playful spirit.

Here I am! Now I’m not!

Hide and seek, in every spot.

Behind the curtain, under the bed,

I’ll jump out when you least expect.


I’ll disappear without a trace,

A sprinting, darting, silent ace.

You’ll look for me, high and low,

Where I am, you’ll never know.


Then suddenly, I reappear,

From my hideout, loud and clear.

You’ve found me! Or I found you,

In this game that’s never through.

8. A Black Cat’s Halloween

“A Black Cat’s Halloween” is a festive take on the role that black cats play in the popular holiday. Black cats are often linked to Halloween traditions, and this poem embraces that notion.

Pumpkins glow with faces keen,

It’s that time for Halloween.

Who’s that sneaking? Who’s that near?

Black cat prancing, showing no fear.


Bats and witches take to sky,

Ghosts and ghouls begin to fly.

Yet you roam with gleaming eye,

Knowing this night, you’re the star, oh my!


Halloween, you’re in your prime,

The most mystical, magical time.

Though some call you a spooky sign,

You’re the heart of Halloween’s design.

9. Eyes of Gold

“Eyes of Gold” is about the striking eye color that many black cats have. Their golden or yellow eyes are often one of their most captivating features.

Eyes of gold in fur so black,

Like jewels in the night, you have no lack.

Mysterious, wise, beyond your years,

They say your gaze can calm all fears.


In moonlight, how those eyes do glow,

A pair of lanterns, putting on a show.

They capture light, and hearts as well,

In every glance, a different tale to tell.


Those eyes of gold, so full of grace,

Can make a home of any place.

In their glow, I find my peace,

And in their beauty, all worries cease.

10. The Alley’s King

“The Alley’s King” showcases the independence and regal nature of a black cat, particularly one that roams the alleys and streets. This poem is an ode to those feral black cats who command respect and exude confidence, regardless of their surroundings.

King of the alley, lord of the street,

Paws drumming to your own unique beat.

Whiskers twitching, alert and keen,

In your domain, you reign supreme.


Rats and pigeons bow and flee,

When they catch wind you’re roaming free.

Yet you walk with a peaceful flair,

A noble soul, beyond compare.


Nights are yours, a kingdom grand,

Where trash can thrones and fire escapes stand.

The Alley’s King, both free and wild,

Nature’s untamed, mysterious child.

Funny Poems about Black Cats

1. The Cat’s Meow

“The Cat’s Meow” playfully explores a black cat’s interaction with its human, particularly when it comes to demanding food. This poem is for anyone who has ever experienced their cat acting like the boss of the household when mealtime rolls around.

Morning comes, I hear the call,

“The Cat’s Meow” echoes through the hall.

You’re my human, don’t you know?

Time for breakfast, let’s go, let’s go!


I strut and prance with royal flair,

To my empty bowl, that’s just not fair!

You snooze, you lose, that’s my motto,

Now hurry up, before I go full throttle.


Tuna or chicken, I don’t care,

Just fill the bowl, this isn’t fair!

Finally, you heed my plea,

The Cat’s Meow reigns, as you can see!

2. The Fur ball Fiasco

“The Furball Fiasco” is about the all-too-familiar situation where a black cat gracefully coughs up a furball. It takes this common and slightly gross occurrence and turns it into a comic moment.

Here I sit, so poised and grand,

Until I make a noise that wasn’t planned.

Ahem, a furball, from deep within,

Oops, there it goes, let the laughs begin.


On the carpet, oh what a sight,

Mom scrambles fast, in sheer fright.

But let’s be real, we both know,

It’s just part of my feline show.


Don’t judge me, I’m still divine,

Even if I step out of line.

The Furball Fiasco, a hit, you see,

Even divas hiccup, just like me!

3. The Litter Box Blues

Ever wonder what a cat might think about the humble litter box? “The Litter Box Blues” delves into this concept, poking fun at a cat’s particular needs and preferences for its private space.

I’ve got the litter box blues, oh yes I do,

It needs a clean, haven’t you a clue?

I circle around, sniff high and low,

This just won’t work, didn’t you know?


You scoop and scrape, but let’s be real,

It’s not up to my ideal.

Fresh sand, please, and make it quick,

I’m a fussy cat, not a hermit!


At last, it’s clean, I take a peek,

Ah, this will do, for maybe a week.

The Litter Box Blues, a jazzy tune,

About a cat and a box, under the moon.

4. The Clawed Crusader

Ever suffered the wrath of a playful black cat’s claws? “The Clawed Crusader” takes a humorous look at how cats love to scratch, whether it’s furniture or a favorite scratching post.

Here I come, with paws of might,

Ready to scratch, oh what a sight!

The couch, the rug, your favorite chair,

I’ll leave my mark, yes, everywhere!


I see you bought a post for me,

How quaint, how cute, how silly, tee-hee!

I’ll give it a try, just for you,

A swipe or two, and then I’m through.


But let’s be honest, between you and me,

Your furniture’s where I want to be.

The Clawed Crusader, can’t be confined,

I’ll scratch where I want, hope you don’t mind!

5. Midnight Snack Attack

“Midnight Snack Attack” tells the story of a black cat’s quest for a midnight snack, sneaking around the kitchen and getting caught in the act. It’s a funny scenario that many cat owners will find familiar.

Midnight strikes, I’m on the prowl,

A little snack, a tasty fowl?

The fridge is near, I take my chance,

A gourmet caper, a sneaky dance.


I leap and grab, what’s this I find?

Leftover chicken, oh so kind!

I drag it out, just a tiny knack,

Until I hear you, and I freeze in my track.


Caught red-pawed, what can I say?

The Midnight Snack Attack’s not child’s play.

You laugh and chuckle, I’m off the hook,

Guess I’m cuter than I look!

Poems about Black Cats Love

1. Whiskered Whispers

“Whiskered Whispers” tells the tale of two black cats, sharing secrets and love through the quiet language only they understand. Their bond is undeniable, capturing the essence of feline love.

In the glow of the moon’s soft gleam,

Two black figures silently dream.

Whisker to whisker, their secrets they share,

Lost in a world, where only they care.


Tails intertwined, like hands that hold,

A love story, timelessly told.

Eyes locked, stories unfold in a glance,

A feline ballet, a silent dance.


In the stillness, no words they need,

For in their hearts, love takes the lead.

Whiskered Whispers, a melody so true,

A song of love, between those two.

2. Shadowed Serenade

“Shadowed Serenade” illustrates the affectionate chase between two black cats during a starry night. Dancing amidst the shadows, their connection grows, bringing warmth to the coolness of the night.

Under a canopy of twinkling stars,

Two shadows play, free of bars.

Chasing, leaping, in a loving spree,

A dance of love, wild and free.


Silent serenades, sung by the night breeze,

As they move with such graceful ease.

The world fades, only they remain,

Bound by a love, impossible to restrain.


In the embrace of the night’s cool shade,

Two black cats continue their serenade.

A dance of love, passion, and fate,

Together always, come early or late.

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