20+ Short Poems about Addiction Recovery

Embarking on the journey of addiction recovery requires strength, resilience, and the power of words to guide the way. In this collection, we’ve gathered 20+ poignant short poems that delve into the intricate emotions, struggles, and victories experienced along the path to healing. Each poem encapsulates a unique facet of the addiction recovery process, offering solace and inspiration to those on their own transformative quest.

Poems about Addiction Recovery

Below are 20 short poems about addiction recovery:

1. Hope’s Embrace

In shadows deep, I lost my way,

Chains of craving held their sway.

But hope arose, a guiding light,

To steer me through the darkest night.


One step at a time, I broke free,

Found strength within to let it be.

With each sunrise, a fresh start,

Healing whispers to my heart.


The past may linger, scars may stay,

Yet hope’s embrace lights up my day.

Through highs and lows, I will persist,

In this journey of recovery’s twist.

Poems for Addiction Recovery

2. Rise from Within

From shattered dreams, I now arise,

Breaking bonds, unveiling skies.

The battles fought, the tears shed,

Now fuel my path ahead.


With every stumble, I’ll stand tall,

Resilience grows, mending the fall.

No longer defined by what’s been lost,

In newfound strength, I count the cost.


The road to recovery winds and turns,

But the fire within forever burns.

I rise from ashes, stronger anew,

A journey of healing, a life to pursue.

3. A Healing Heart

In solitude, I faced my fears,

Tore down walls built through the years.

A healing heart, a spirit renewed,

In the journey of recovery pursued.


Acceptance blooms, a gentle grace,

Replacing shame that once held its place.

With open arms, I embrace each day,

Walking the path, come what may.


Scars remind of battles won,

A healing journey, far from done.

Through highs and lows, I’ll endure,

For within me, a strength pure and sure.

4. Echoes of Transformation

Echoes of past held me tight,

In addiction’s grasp, I lost my light.

But courage found, a fire ignited,

In recovery’s path, I’m newly sighted.


Whispers of change, a gentle call,

Breaking down walls, dismantling the thrall.

With every step, I redefine,

The story I write, the life that’s mine.


Transforming pain into strength untold,

Recovery’s journey, a tale unfold.

In stanzas of hope, I carve my way,

From darkness to light, a brand new day.

5. Beyond the Chains

Behind the chains, I glimpsed the dawn,

A chance to mend what’s been withdrawn.

With open eyes, I faced the pain,

To break the cycle, my strength to gain.


A journey embarked, a battle within,

Fighting the urge, letting healing begin.

Though scars remain, they no longer bind,

In recovery’s dance, freedom I find.


Step by step, a day at a time,

In rhythm with hope’s subtle chime.

Beyond the chains, I now reclaim,

A life of purpose, in love’s name.

6. The Dawn of Day

A battle fought, both night and day,

With cravings that won’t go away.

But now I see the morning light,

A chance to make my future bright.


The bottle’s gone, so is the pill,

I’m climbing up a brand-new hill.

No longer chained, I’m feeling free,

A chance to be who I want to be.


I won’t look back, but I won’t forget,

The past is gone, but it’s not dead yet.

For each new dawn brings hope anew,

And every day, I’ll start anew.

7. Cravings’ End

I once was lost in a smoky haze,

A labyrinth that trapped my days.

But here I stand, on the other side,

No longer on that perilous ride.


I’ve said goodbye to the ghosts I knew,

Toxic friends and habits too.

I find my strength in a higher power,

Growing stronger with each passing hour.


I still have scars, both old and new,

But they’re just signs of what I’ve been through.

And as I face life’s highs and lows,

I’m armed with tools that I now know.

8. A New Chapter

In days gone by, I sought escape,

In twisted paths and altered state.

But that’s behind me, here I stand,

Taking life with a sober hand.


No longer do I need to hide,

From feelings that I kept inside.

Recovery’s pen has set me free,

To write a better life story.


With friends and family by my side,

Through each challenge, each joyous ride.

I’ve learned to live, I’ve learned to cope,

In every dawn, I find my hope.

9. The Cost of Free

It seemed so fun, it all was free,

A life unhinged, no boundary.

But freedom had a hidden cost,

In chasing highs, my life was lost.


Recovery’s toll was hard and steep,

Through sweat and tears, through nights with no sleep.

But oh the price was worth to pay,

For freedom of a different way.


My freedom now is earned, not given,

Through lessons harsh and wisdom driven.

In every choice, I find my voice,

In every day, a chance to rejoice.

10. One Day at a Time

I used to rush through life so fast,

Afraid each day would be my last.

With every high, I’d chase the wind,

Ignoring what I’d lose to win.


Today I know the price too well,

Of every time I slipped and fell.

Now I take life, one day a time,

Each sober hour’s a mountain climb.


With each small step, I find my way,

In every dusk, a brand-new day.

Addiction’s a chapter that’s now behind,

In life’s long book, new joy I find.

11. The Fading Echo

Once in a place that darkened my name,

Trapped in addiction’s perilous game.

The voices called, a haunting choir,

A life aflame, consumed by fire.


But today I stand in light so clear,

Those haunting sounds I barely hear.

With love and help, I’ve found my place,

No longer lost in that endless chase.


The echoes fade, but still I know,

The depths of where my soul did go.

I hold that knowledge close and dear,

A guiding light, a conscience clear.

12. Reclaimed Ground

I lost my way on twisted roads,

A heavy heart, unbearable loads.

Recovery’s path has led me here,

To reclaimed ground that I hold dear.


It wasn’t easy, it’s still not done,

The fight continues, it’s never won.

But every day I make the choice,

To silence addiction’s nagging voice.


My past is dark, but my future’s bright,

A canvas waiting for colors so light.

With each new step on this hallowed ground,

In every moment, my life is found.

13. Unburdened Wings

In addiction’s grip, I couldn’t fly,

My wings were clipped, I don’t know why.

Each time I tried to touch the sky,

I’d crash and burn, and softly cry.


But now I soar with unburdened wings,

Free from addiction’s binding strings.

The sky’s no longer a distant dream,

But a canvas for my life’s new theme.


Each day’s a chance for higher flight,

In clearer skies, in purer light.

Though scars remain, they make me strong,

A testament to where I’ve come from.

14. The Power of Now

The past had me, I won’t deny,

In every sip, in every high.

I couldn’t see beyond the haze,

Trapped in a numbing, endless maze.


Today I live in the here and now,

I cope, I deal, I manage somehow.

In every breath, in sunsets’ glow,

I find peace that I’ve come to know.


My eyes are open, I see so clear,

A life worth living, a love so dear.

For in the present, I find my way,

And build the strength for another day.

15. Steps Forward

Twelve steps I climb, though I may fall,

A daily struggle, but through it all,

I find my peace, I find my voice,

In every day, another choice.


Sponsors guide me, meetings too,

A community both old and new.

We share our pain, our joy, our life,

United in our common strife.


Though the steps may be the same,

Each journey’s different, no two the same.

For every fall, I rise again,

In each new step, my soul will mend.

16. Light in the Tunnel

I walked alone, in tunnels deep,

Where shadows danced, where demons weep.

Each pill, each drink, an empty quest,

To fill the void within my chest.


But now I walk in beams of light,

My path ahead is clear and bright.

Through help and grace, I found my way,

A second chance, a brand-new day.


The tunnel’s dark still lingers near,

A humble reminder, loud and clear.

Yet every step away I take,

Is one more chain I dare to break.

17. The River’s Edge

Beside a river, swift and wild,

I stood as if a little child.

The water’s pull, both fierce and strong,

Swept me in where I don’t belong.


But now I’ve learned to swim upstream,

Awake and living my own dream.

Each stroke I make against the tide,

Is proof of life I no longer hide.


The river’s edge still calls my name,

Its surface shimmers, much the same.

But I’ve found peace upon the shore,

Its raging pull controls me no more.

18. Mirrored Eyes

In mirrored eyes, I used to see,

A stranger staring back at me.

His haunted look, a quiet plea,

To break the chains and set him free.


Through work and will, the glass grew clear,

Reflecting someone I hold dear.

The stranger’s gone, in his place stands,

A stronger soul with cleaner hands.


And yet within those mirrored eyes,

I see the lows, I see the highs.

A mixture of my past and now,

A balanced life, as I allow.

19. The Woven Thread

Life’s fabric seemed to fray and tear,

Each thread a sign of deep despair.

Addiction’s pull unraveled more,

Until I lay upon the floor.


But with strong hands and careful skill,

I’ve learned to weave against my will.

Each thread I add to life’s design,

Is one more step towards the divine.


The woven thread now tells a tale,

Of strength and courage, without fail.

And though it’s not devoid of stain,

Each mark’s a lesson, not a chain.

20. The Compass Point

I wandered lost, no compass point,

Each day unlinked, without a joint.

Addiction led me far astray,

In circles walked, both night and day.


But now I hold a compass true,

Its needle points to skies so blue.

Each step I take in that right path,

Is one away from aftermath.


And should I stray or lose my way,

I’ll look again to skies of day.

For in each point, both tried and new,

I find my North, my course to pursue.

Poems About Alcohol Recovery

Below are 3 best poems about alcohol recovery:

1. New Dawn’s Promise

In shadows’ grasp, I once did roam,

Lost in the depths, a world unknown.

But courage rose, a flicker’s gleam,

Guiding me toward a brighter dream.


With each step forward, battles won,

The path to healing had begun.

Through tears and struggles, I emerged,

A phoenix from the fire, re-sculpted and surged.


No longer bound by poison’s chain,

In sober skies, I now regain,

The beauty of life, the colors true,

A new dawn’s promise, each day I renew.

2. Echoes of Strength

Whispers of despair once held me tight,

In alcohol’s embrace, I lost my sight.

But within, a strength began to rise,

Defying the darkness, seeking skies.


Through meetings, tears, and heartfelt grace,

I found my footing, regained my place.

Each sober day, a victory earned,

Echoes of strength, in every lesson learned.


Now I stand tall, a warrior true,

Walking the path, each step anew.

Recovery’s symphony, a song of might,

Guiding me forward, into the light.

3. Liberation’s Dance

Chains of addiction, I shattered apart,

A dance of liberation, a brand new start.

Through valleys low and mountains high,

I reclaimed my spirit, learned to fly.


With fellowship’s embrace, I found my way,

In the fellowship of night turned day.

A dance with life, a rhythm regained,

In every sober breath, freedom sustained.


The past may haunt, but I’m unbound,

In recovery’s sanctuary, I’ve found,

A melody of hope, a chance to thrive,

Liberation’s dance, in every moment alive.

Inspirational Poems For Recovery

Below are inspirational poems for recovery for different types of addictions:

1. Recovery From Drug Addiction:

In shadows deep, a journey starts,

From heavy chains to mending hearts.

Rise above the darkest night,

Embrace the dawn, embrace the fight.


With every step, you claim your might,

Breaking free, seeking the light.

Remember, strength flows from within,

Recovery’s a battle you will win.

2. Recovery From Gambling Addiction:

From dice and cards, to endless chase,

A path that led to a boundless space.

But now you stand with steady stride,

Breaking the cycle where bets collide.


Luck’s illusion, now left behind,

Reclaim your life, your heart unbind.

In choices made, in moments clear,

Recovery’s whispers, always near.

3. Recovery From Pornography Addiction:

Through screens, a world consumed by fire,

Desire entwined, a deep-seated mire.

But rise above, reclaim your gaze,

Break the chains in a brighter phase.


Embrace a love that’s real and true,

In every moment, let growth renew.

Your worth transcends what’s on that screen,

Recovery’s grace, a future unseen.

4. Recovery From Alcohol Addiction:

From the bottle’s grasp, you find release,

A spiral halted, a newfound peace.

With courage strong, face each new day,

In sobriety’s arms, you’ll find your way.


Raise your spirit, break the glass,

Healing comes when you let go of the past.

In each sober breath, a promise sealed,

Recovery’s path, revealed and healed.

5. Recovery From Food Addiction:

Beneath the layers of craving’s hold,

A journey beckons, brave and bold.

Nourish your body, mind, and soul,

Regain command, once again whole.


Through mindful choices, find your sway,

In self-love’s embrace, darkness gives way.

With every bite, a chance to heal,

Recovery’s journey, authentically real.

6. Recovery From Technology/Screen Addiction:

In screens entwined, a digital haze,

A balance sought in these modern days.

Unplug the cords that bind you tight,

Reclaim your world, let in the light.


Eyes lifted up from the glowing stream,

Life’s vibrant hues, like a waking dream.

With presence reclaimed, connections thrive,

Recovery’s spark, in each offline dive.

7. Recovery From Shopping/Spending Addiction:

From aisles of plenty, a craving’s dance,

A momentary thrill, a fleeting chance.

But now you steer a different course,

Regain your power, reclaim your force.


In what you need, not what you buy,

True abundance blooms, money’s not the sky.

Find joy in moments that don’t accrue,

Recovery’s journey, a life anew.

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