15 Poems About Narcissist & Narcissism

Dive into the intricate world of narcissism through the lens of poetry. These 15 poems shed light on the complexities of narcissistic relationships, unravelling the raw emotions and deep reflections they evoke. Join us on a poetic journey that both educates and resonates.

Poems About Narcissism

1. The Gilded Mirror

This poem portrays the relationship between the narcissist and their constant need for validation and admiration. Like a mirror, the world they create reflects only what they want to see.

In the gilded mirror, they stand so tall,

Every flaw hidden, they conquer all.

But mirrors can shatter, and truths unfold,

Behind the façade, stories untold.


To the world, they sparkle, they shine so bright,

But shadows lurk just out of the light.

For every praise, they yearn even more,

A never-ending thirst, impossible to ignore.


Their reflection deceives, a master of lies,

Masking the emptiness that inside them lies.

Yet beneath the surface, a soul yearns to be free,

From the chains of vanity that bind thee.

2. Echo’s Lament

Drawing inspiration from the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus, this poem speaks of the pain of being ignored by someone absorbed only in themselves.

In the quiet forest, Echo did pine,

For Narcissus’ love, she wished was thine.

But to his own reflection, he was blind,

To Echo’s love, he paid no mind.


Her voice, it echoed, a lonely song,

For a love unrequited, she longed so long.

Yet in the water, his gaze did stay,

To himself, lost every single day.


She faded away, a whisper in the breeze,

While he remained, with his own self pleased.

Their tale of sorrow, a lesson it imparts,

Of love’s true essence and selfish hearts.

3. The Lonely Throne

This poem delves into the isolation that often accompanies narcissism. For all the power and adoration they may seek, they often find themselves alone.

Upon a throne, they sit so high,

Ruling a kingdom, reaching the sky.

But for all the riches, and the crown they own,

In their heart, sits a lonely throne.


People come and go, like a fleeting haze,

But genuine connections rarely ever blaze.

To be adored, is what they wish,

But at what cost, this selfish dish?


The world may bow, sing praises true,

Yet in the silence, solitude ensues.

For a throne built on ego’s might,

Is lonely at the end of the night.

4. Shadows of Vanity

Highlighting the transient nature of beauty and the danger of relying on it for self-worth, this poem underscores the emptiness of vanity.

In the spotlight, they dance and preen,

A spectacle of beauty, rarely ever seen.

But shadows grow as the light does wane,

Vanity’s allure, a fleeting gain.


Time ticks on, and tides do change,

Yet for eternal beauty, they exchange.

Locked in a battle, they cannot win,

Chasing shadows of what might have been.


For true beauty lies deep within,

Not just in a face, or a flawless skin.

Yet trapped in vanity, they remain blind,

To the deeper worth, they’ll never find.

5. The Maze of Me

Drawing an analogy to a maze, this poem depicts the convoluted journey of a narcissist, constantly circling back to themselves, and the challenge of finding a way out.

In the maze of me, I wander and roam,

Every path I take, leads back home.

To the center of all, where I always be,

Lost in the endless loop of only me.


Seeking an exit, but trapped inside,

Every twist and turn, with pride I collide.

The world outside, a distant dream,

For in this maze, I reign supreme.


Yet deep down, a yearning grows,

For a life beyond this self-imposed.

To break free from these walls so high,

And see the world beyond the “I”.

Poems About Narcissism

Inspirational Poems About Narcissist

1. Rise Beyond the Mirror

This poem speaks of transcending the confines of narcissism, discovering the broader world, and embracing the beauty of genuine connections.

In the heart of the mirror, trapped was I,

Seeking admiration, not knowing why.

But a world beyond, beckoned to see,

The love and beauty, in more than just me.


Breaking free from the chains of self,

Discovering joy, in more than wealth.

Realizing that love isn’t just a reflection,

But a tapestry woven with pure affection.


To rise beyond, to truly soar,

Means looking outward, ever more.

Embracing the world, with open arms wide,

Leaving the confines of narcissism aside.

2. Echo’s Rebirth

Echo, once ensnared by Narcissus’ charm, finds her voice and strength. This poem celebrates the resurgence of identity and self-worth.

Echo once lost, to a love so vain,

Now finds her voice, breaking every chain.

No longer confined, by a love unreturned,

She rises anew, with lessons learned.


With a voice so clear, and heart so true,

She sings a song, both old and new.

Of self-worth and strength, of finding one’s way,

Beyond the shadows, into the light of day.


So, let Echo’s rebirth, inspire us all,

To find our voice, and never again fall.

To the charms of narcissism, or self-centered glee,

For in true connection, we’re truly free.

3. The Garden Beyond

This poem emphasizes the journey of realizing there’s a vibrant world outside of oneself, filled with wonders, experiences, and connections waiting to be nurtured.

In the garden of self, I solely did dwell,

Admiring each petal, under my spell.

But beyond the gates, a vast world did call,

Promising wonders, experiences, and all.


Stepping out, I breathed in the air,

Realizing life’s beauty, is beyond compare.

Not just in the self, but all around,

In every smile, every sound.


So let’s nurture the garden, both in and out,

Realizing life is more, without a doubt.

Than just the confines, of our own little tree,

For in the vastness, we’re truly free.

4. The Compass of Compassion

This poem underscores the transformation from a self-centered existence to one enriched by empathy and understanding, guiding us to a deeper connection with humanity.

Once my compass, pointed to me,

All that mattered, was what I could see.

But a shift occurred, a change so profound,

Directing me to others, all around.


Understanding pain, joy, and plight,

Opened my eyes, brought new insight.

No longer confined, to just my own shore,

The world became richer, offering so much more.


Let compassion guide, our hearts and our mind,

Breaking the chains, that narcissism bind.

For in empathy and love, true directions are found,

Uniting us all, on common ground.

Poems About Narcissist

Narcissist Poems for Her/Wife

1. The Enchanted Mirror

This poem delves into the allure of a narcissistic wife, whose beauty and charm enchant all, but who remains ensnared within her own reflection, seeking endless adulation.

In her gilded frame, she stands supreme,

An enchanting vision, like a dream.

Yet the eyes that stare, seek only praise,

Lost in her reflection, in countless ways.


All who glance her way, are drawn in deep,

By her beauty and grace, in a trance they leap.

But for her, their admiration’s never enough,

Always craving more, when times get tough.


The world revolves, yet she remains still,

Captured by vanity, and her own will.

For in her mirror, she’s forever trapped,

In the web of narcissism, tightly wrapped.

2. The Siren’s Song

This poem portrays the hypnotic allure of a narcissistic wife, drawing others into her world, only to leave them yearning for a genuine connection that remains ever elusive.

Her voice, a melody, lures all near,

A siren’s song, crystal clear.

Yet beneath the notes, lies a tale untold,

Of a heart seeking admiration, uncontrolled.


Men sail close, drawn to her shore,

Hoping for a love, forever more.

But her heart’s anchored, to her own reflection,

Leaving them adrift, in a sea of dejection.


For the siren, though lovely, remains alone,

In her world of ego, her heart of stone.

While those who yearn, for a love so true,

Are left navigating, the ocean’s blue.

3. The Radiant Illusion

This poem speaks of the dual nature of a narcissistic wife – the radiant beauty that captivates on the outside, juxtaposed against the endless pursuit of self-adulation that leaves little room for genuine intimacy.

In the spotlight, she gleams and glows,

Capturing hearts, with the beauty she shows.

Yet beneath the radiance, a storm does brew,

Of endless longing, known to only a few.


To be with her, is to chase a mirage,

A tantalizing vision, a luminous collage.

Yet the closer one gets, the farther she seems,

Lost in her world, of dreams within dreams.


The illusion, though radiant, can never last,

For genuine love, is not just a thing of the past.

One day, she may see, beyond her own reflection,

And find true love, in a genuine connection.

Narcissist Poems for Her Wife

Narcissist Poems For Him/Husband

1. The King’s Empty Castle

This poem paints a picture of a narcissistic husband who, like a king in a vast castle, remains isolated in his grandeur, unaware of the loneliness that surrounds him.

In his grand castle, the king sits proud,

Above the masses, and the clamoring crowd.

Yet within the walls, silence does reign,

A testament to his heart’s unseen pain.


Rooms filled with trophies, achievements galore,

Yet echoes of emptiness, impossible to ignore.

For in seeking glory, and his own might,

He’s lost the warmth, of true love’s light.


The castle, though grand, remains cold and vast,

A reflection of a present, haunted by the past.

For a king who sees only his own decree,

Misses the joy, of true love’s glee.

2. The Sun’s Solo Dance

Reflecting on the narcissistic husband who, like the sun, shines brilliantly but often remains distant, this poem speaks of the allure and isolation that accompanies such brilliance.

Like the sun, he stands apart,

Casting light, but guarding his heart.

Radiant and bright, he draws all near,

Yet true intimacy, is what they fear.


For in his brilliance, shadows are cast,

Remnants of love, and memories of the past.

His solo dance, a spectacle to behold,

But beneath the warmth, a story untold.


One day, the sun may learn to share,

Its light with the moon, in the evening air.

For even brilliance, when shared anew,

Shines even brighter, and more true.

3. The Lone Sculptor

This poem delves into the mindset of a narcissistic husband, who meticulously crafts his image and world, only to find himself ensnared within his own creation.

With chisel in hand, he sculpts with care,

A world of perfection, beyond compare.

Every detail, every curve just right,

Yet in his masterpiece, he’s lost his sight.


For in carving perfection, he’s missed the core,

The essence of love, and so much more.

Trapped in his art, he’s become the stone,

Cold and unyielding, forever alone.


Yet even a sculptor, can learn to see,

Beyond the surface, to what could be.

For in the heart, and not just the art,

Lies the secret, to a fresh start.

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