10 Best Poems About Narcissistic Mothers

Navigating the complex emotions tied to narcissistic mothers, poetry becomes a powerful outlet. Delve into these ten poignant poems that capture the pain, longing, and tangled webs woven by narcissistic maternal figures, offering both insight and catharsis to those who’ve experienced similar relationships.

Poems About Narcissistic Mothers

1. Mirrored Emotions

In the eyes of a narcissistic mother, reflections play a dominant role. This poem unravels the reality of growing under her gaze, seeking authenticity amidst the distortion.

In her mirror, I see my face,

But through her eyes, a different place.

I search for truth, for real grace,

Yet her reflection takes its space.


Her love’s a glass, a fleeting phase,

Casting shadows, a dim-lit haze.

Within this maze, I seek a trace,

Of genuine warmth, a tight embrace.


Yet in her mirror, I must chase,

An image formed, a copy’s base.

For her love’s a mirrored case,

And my true self, it does erase.

2. Chained Affection

A child’s yearning for freedom from the constraints of a narcissistic parent’s love is palpable. The poem speaks to the weight and restraint of that bond.

Tied to her, with golden chain,

A love that’s bound, filled with pain.

She holds me close, yet feels so vain,

In this dance, I bear the strain.


With every pull, I feel the drain,

Yearning to break, to regain,

The love that’s pure, without the stain,

Of chains that bind, and disdain.


Yet hope remains, a quiet refrain,

That someday love will be plain,

Unchained by pride, ego’s domain,

And true affection will pertain.

3. Hollow Praises

Diving into the shallow depths of a narcissistic mother’s commendation, this poem portrays the hollowness of her praises and the yearning for genuine acknowledgment.

She sings my praise, so loud, so high,

Yet in her eyes, I see the lie.

Her words, they soar, touch the sky,

But inside, I can’t help but sigh.


A hollow sound, a mere battle cry,

Not of pride, but of an alibi.

To show the world, how she’s nigh,

Yet in silence, my hopes dry.


For genuine praise, I often vie,

Not for the crowd, but a tie,

That binds our hearts, no more awry,

In that hope, I’ll always rely.

4. Shadowed Love

In the shade of a narcissistic mother, a child often feels eclipsed. This poem portrays that overshadowed existence, seeking light and warmth amidst the cold.

In her shadow, I often stand,

Seeking warmth, an outstretched hand.

Her brilliance gleams, so grand,

Yet I feel lost, in shifting sand.


She shines bright, in every land,

While I, in shade, try to expand.

Her love’s a script, so well planned,

Mine’s a whisper, soft and bland.


Yet in darkness, I’ve come to understand,

My own light, my own brand.

For even shadows, when they disband,

Reveal strength, deep and unplanned.

5. Tethered Dreams

The poem highlights the dreams and aspirations tethered by a narcissistic mother’s expectations. It’s a journey from realization to hope for autonomy.

In her dreams, mine are bound,

Silent wishes, without a sound.

Her aspirations, profound,

While mine, buried underground.


She dreams big, all year-round,

While mine are tightly wound.

In her grip, I’m almost drowned,

Yet my spirit remains un-downed.


For dreams can never be truly confound,

They rise, resilient and unbound.

In my heart, they’ll always be found,

Hopeful, free, and astound.

6. Echoing Silence

Underneath the overpowering voice of a narcissistic mother, a child’s voice often remains muted. This poem narrates the story of that echoing silence and the quest to find one’s voice.

In her voice, mine is lost,

Like whispers in frost, they cost.

Her words, a tempest tossed,

While mine, in quiet, are crossed.


Loud and clear, her commands are bossed,

In their wake, my thoughts accost.

Yet in the depth, where emotions are embossed,

My silent echo is not exhaust.


For within, my voice is glossed,

Ready to break free, whatever the cost.

In time, her reign will be defrosted,

And my voice, clear and accosted.

7. Veil of Perfection

A narcissistic mother often dons a mask of flawlessness, expecting the same from her child. This poem delves into the pressures of maintaining that immaculate facade.

Beneath her veil, everything’s right,

No flaws, no cracks, all tight.

She demands the same, with all her might,

Leaving me longing for respite.


Her perfection, blindingly bright,

Cast shadows, making my efforts slight.

Yet beneath, there’s another sight,

A struggle, a constant fight.


But veils can’t forever smite,

True selves that long for light.

With hope, that veil will alight,

Revealing truths, pure and right.

8. The Porcelain Mask

Diving deep into the emotional facade, this poem captures the fragile veneer of a narcissistic mother and the impact on the child navigating her brittle reality.

She wears a mask, so pristine,

Gleaming, perfect, with a sheen.

Yet underneath, unseen,

Lies a reality, not so serene.


To her, cracks are obscene,

Hidden truths, kept unseen.

Yet in those fissures, in between,

Lies a bond, not so lean.


One day, the mask will wean,

Revealing love, genuine and green.

In that truth, I’m keen,

To find love, unmasked and clean.

9. Her Painted Canvas

Life under a narcissistic mother can feel like a canvas, painted by her choices. This poem paints a picture of that constrained existence and the longing for self-expression.

On her canvas, colors she splays,

Bold strokes, dictating my ways.

In her hues, my life sways,

Yet my palette, in shadows, stays.


Her masterpiece, in the sun, lays,

While my sketches, in the alleyways.

Yet in corners, my spirit plays,

Seeking a canvas, for my own displays.


For every child, one day, weighs,

Their own colors, their own forays.

Beyond her canvas, my horizon lays,

Where my art, in full, portrays.

10. The Gilded Cage

Capturing the opulence of a narcissistic mother’s love, this poem narrates the suffocating splendor of a gilded cage and the yearning for true freedom.

In her world, gold lines my cage,

Splendid, rich, yet it does rage.

Her love’s ornate, written page by page,

Yet I yearn, for a wider stage.


Her cage gleams, taking center stage,

Yet within, my spirit does age.

For golden bars, do also gauge,

Freedom’s song, in every age.


But gilded cages, can’t assuage,

A heart that’s wild, a spirit sage.

Beyond the bars, I’ll engage,

In a world, vast and wage.

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