Phrasal verbs with SET with meanings & Examples PDF

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Phrasal verbs with SET with meanings & Examples. Here is the list of most common and daily use phrasal verbs with set. All the possible phrasal verbs are listed with their meanings and conversational sentences. Learn the meanings & & examples of set about, set apart, set aside, set back, set in etc.

Set Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with Set with Meanings & Examples

Set about (start doing something)

We will set about constructing his house.

Set apart (distinguish between)

How can we set apart these stones?

Set aside (save for later)

I will set aside this mutton for us.

Set back (delay)

They don’t like to set back their task.

Set in (take hold)

Miss Aleena set in the all work.

Set off (start)

We will set off for America.

Set on/upon (attack)

Kindly listen to her carefully, otherwise she will set on you.

Set out (begin a journey)

I have done with my packing to set out for UK.

Set up (assemble/install)

The mechanic will set up all these small parts of your Bike.

Set about (Initiating any action)

We are going to set about a tea stall.

Set out (Leave or move)

Please set out and don’t waste your time.

Set forth (starting a journey)

Adam set forth with his brand new car.

Set up (establishing himself/herself in something)

He set himself up as a mechanical engineer.

Set upon (Attack someone)

We were set upon by street robbers.

Set down (write)

I will set down the will for you.

Set in (take root)

That was the point at which rot set in.

Set back (Remove from or allow distance)

You have to set it back from the road.

Set aside (Placing something separate for any special purpose)

I set aside this precious stone for you.

Set up (arranging anything for someone)

I will set up your business within a days.

Set off (cause to explode)

To set off a bomb is against humanity.

Set out (determination to complete a task)

He has a good potential and will set out this work.

Set back (cost money)

How much do you suppose that precious stone set her back?

Set up (Ready to use)

I will set this air conditioner within a day.

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Phrasal verbs with set with meanings and examples List of phrasal verbs with set

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