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Clothing Phrasal Verbs

This English lesson will teach you different clothing phrasal verbs, you can use in your daily conversation while talking to your friends and family. Clothing Phrasal Verbs are about Clothes Related Verbs.

Clothing Phrasal Verbs List

phrasal verbs for clothing

Words Meaning Example
1. Dress Down Wear clothes that are more informal than those you usually wear She Dresses Down on his Brother Marriage in Red.
2. Kick-off Make your shoes come off by shaking your feet He kicked his shoes off as soon as he got them.
3. Have on Wear an item of clothing on one’s person Lisa had her new dress on.
4. Hang Out Used To Dry washed Clothes outside Have You Hung the washing out
5. Hang up Put some clothes on the hanger The women hung up their coats and sat down.
6. Slip-on Put clothes of item easily She Slipped her shoe on and ran away.
8. Do Up Fasten An item of clothing Please Do up the top button.
9. Dress-up Dress Oneself or Another Hey Aliza! Dress up white.
10. Takeoff Remove an item of clothing Sham Took off his shirt.

Phrasal Verbs About Clothes

phrasal verbs about clothing

11. Put on Dress yourself on She put on her jacket and went out.
12. Take-up Reduce the length of some clothing I want to take this pair of pants up. It’s too long.
13. Wrap up Put warm clothes on He wraps up warmly and went out.
14. Turn up Shorten some clothing I want to turn up this skirt.
15. Try on Try some clothing for checking a better fit. She tries on this black dress and buys it.
16. Let out Make clothing wider I am going to have this maxi let out.
17. Zip up Close something(clothing) by zipping He zipped up his coat in a hurry.
18. Let down Make clothing longer with extra cloth. This pant needs letting down.
19. Through on Put some clothing carelessly Just threw on a dress and came to the meeting.
20. Buckle up Close something using a buckle She buckled up his jacket and laughs very hard.

Infographics (Clothing Phrasal Verbs)

clothing phrasal verbs in english

clothing phrasal verbs in English

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