20 Telephone Phrasal Verbs – Download PDF

Telephone Phrasal Verbs

Important telephone Phrasal Verbs you need to know! What will I learn from the English lesson on Important telephone Phrasal Verbs, you will learn how to say when you end up a call or you connect some call. Phrasal Verb big list here.

Telephone Phrasal Verbs With Meaning

telephone phrasal verbs

Telephone phrasal verbs

Telephone Phrasal Verbs

Words Meaning Sentences
To Get Back Call Someone Later Dear Lena, I am Driving now, can I get back to you later.
To Cut Off To Lose up Telephone Connection He Doesn’t pay the Internet Bill on time, so Company cut him off.
To Call Up Ring up Someone on Phone I called Up Mona to be ready for a Boolean’s Party.
To Hang Up End Up Telephone Connection He Hanged up When He finished Talking
To Call Back Ringback someone Later His number was busy so I decided to called him Back.
Clothing phrasal verbs Disturbance in call Due to weak Signal Stop Erma You Are Breaking Up, I Can’t Get Your words.
To Ring Off To Finish a Telephone Conversation Listen, Dear, My Father Is Coming and I have to ring Off.
To Pass On Give someone’s Message Toronto Please Pass my message on as soon as Tina Came Back.


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List of TelePhone Phrasal Verbs

To speak Up Speak At a Raised Volume Martin We are Breaking Up could You Please Speak up a little.
To Put Down End a Telephone conversion Jonny, please Put the phone Down, I have To Study.
To Switch On To connect using the Power Button He Just Switches on His New Cell Phone.
To Switch Off Turn phone off I Switched Off My  Mobile due to papers
To Hold on To Wait During a call Please hold On, someone is coming.
To Pick Up Answer a Phone Call Sam Please Pick up.
To Get Off To Finish Talking on Phone I am Going To Get off My phone, As I have to study.
To Put Someone Through Connect someone on the phone Can you put me through to Mr. Sash, I have to talk.


telephone phrasal verbs list


telephone phrasal verbs

Telephone Phrasal Verb Pdf

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