Opposite of use, Antonyms of use (Example Sentences)

Type: Noun/Verb

Meaning/Definition of use: Noun referring to the act of utilizing something; Verb describing the act of employing or applying something.

What is the Opposite of use?

The Opposite of use is misuse.

Other Opposites of use:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of use:

  • abandonment
  • dereliction
  • desuetude
  • discontinuance
  • disuse
  • ignorance
  • insuetude
  • inusitation
  • neglect
  • nonuse
  • obsolescence
  • obsoleteness
  • unemployment
  • unused

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Use:

  1. The item was unused and hadn’t been utilized.
  2. He didn’t have any need for the object or find it useful.
  3. The tool was neglected and left unused in the toolbox.
  4. Instead of using it, he abandoned the item and didn’t see its usefulness.
  5. The function was unutilized and didn’t serve any purpose.
  6. Instead of using it, she ignored the item and didn’t see its value.
  7. The product was untapped and didn’t fulfill its potential.
  8. Instead of using it, he disregarded the object and didn’t recognize its utility.
  9. The feature remained unused and didn’t add value to the product.
  10. Instead of using it, she dismissed the item and didn’t consider it necessary.

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