Opposite of Satisfied, Antonyms of Satisfied (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective

Meaning/Definition of satisfied: Adjective describing the state of being content or fulfilled; pleased with something.

What is the Opposite of satisfied?

The Opposite of satisfied is dissatisfied.

Other Opposites of satisfied:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of satisfied:

  • averse
  • disaffected
  • discontented
  • disgruntled
  • displeased
  • dissatisfied
  • ill pleased
  • malconten
  • unsatisfied

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Satisfied:

  1. She was dissatisfied with the outcome of the project.
  2. He felt discontented despite their efforts.
  3. They were unhappy with the final results.
  4. She was not pleased with the end product.
  5. He remained unsatisfied despite their hard work.
  6. They felt unsatisfied with the achieved success.
  7. She expressed displeasure instead of satisfaction.
  8. He was discontent with the outcome.
  9. They were unfulfilled by the project’s results.
  10. She was unsatisfied despite their best attempts.

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