Opposite Of Pride, Antonyms of Pride (Example Sentences)

Type: Noun/Verb

Meaning/Definition of pride: Noun referring to a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction in one’s achievements or qualities; Verb describing the act of taking pride or feeling proud.

What is the Opposite of pride?

The Opposite of pride is humility.

Other Opposites of pride:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of pride:

  • abasement
  • abashment
  • ashamedness
  • degradation
  • discomfort
  • discomposure
  • disgrace
  • dregs
  • embarrassment
  • embarrassment
  • humbling
  • humiliation
  • ignominy
  • indignity
  • meanness
  • mortification
  • pain
  • plainness
  • shame
  • shamefacedness
  • triviality

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Pride:

  1. His success did not diminish his humility; he remained grounded and humble.
  2. She expressed modesty when receiving compliments for her achievements.
  3. Despite his talent, he displayed meekness and never boasted about his skills.
  4. The mistake filled her with shame, and she apologized profusely.
  5. He felt a sense of embarrassment when he tripped and fell in front of a crowd.
  6. The athlete’s doping scandal brought disgrace to his career.
  7. The contestant’s elimination from the competition brought humiliation.
  8. He practiced self-effacement, always putting others before himself.
  9. Her bashfulness prevented her from speaking in public.
  10. He struggled with shyness and found it difficult to socialize in large gatherings.

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