Opposite Of Together, Antonyms of Together (Example Sentences)

Type: Adverb/Adjective

Meaning/Definition of together: Adverb describing the action of being in one place or gathered in a group; Adjective describing something that is organized or in harmony.

What is the Opposite of together?

The Opposite of together is apart.

Other Opposites of together:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of together:

  • agitated
  • another
  • anxious
  • apart
  • discomposed
  • discrete
  • distinct
  • flustered
  • isolated
  • separate
  • unbalanced

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Together:

  1. They were inseparable, always by each other’s side, never apart.
  2. The couple decided to take a break and spend some time separated to reflect on their relationship.
  3. The sudden power outage left the entire neighborhood disconnected from the world.
  4. The political divide has divided the nation into opposing factions.
  5. The argument caused a split in the group, leading to two separate teams forming.
  6. The two friends moved to different cities, leaving them distant from each other.
  7. The hermit preferred an isolated life in the mountains, far away from society.
  8. He enjoyed spending time alone, finding solace in alone
  9. Each member of the team worked individually, emphasizing their individual
  10. The prisoner spent years in solitary confinement, isolated from human contact.

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