Opposite of secret, Antonyms of secret (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective/Noun

Meaning/Definition of secret: Adjective describing something that is not known or seen by others; Noun referring to information that is kept hidden or confidential.

What is the Opposite of secret?

The Opposite of secret is public.

Other Opposites of secret:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of secret:

  • airing
  • apocalypse
  • clearance
  • disclosure
  • divulgation
  • divulgement
  • divulgence
  • inauguration
  • opening
  • spreading
  • undoing

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Secret:

  1. She disclosed the information and didn’t keep it a secret.
  2. He revealed the truth and didn’t maintain the secret.
  3. The person exposed the hidden details and didn’t keep them secret.
  4. Instead of a secret, she shared the information openly with others.
  5. The knowledge was public and not kept as a secret.
  6. Instead of a secret, he openly communicated the details to everyone.
  7. The truth was unveiled and no longer kept as a secret.
  8. Instead of being a secret, she divulged the information to others.
  9. The knowledge was widely known and not kept secret from anyone.
  10. Instead of a secret, he shared the information freely with everyone.

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