Opposite Of Celebrate, Antonyms of Celebrate (Example Sentences)

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Type: Verb

Meaning/Definition of celebrate: Verb referring to observe or commemorate a significant event or achievement with festivities or joy.

What is the Opposite of celebrate?

The Opposite of celebrate is mourn.

Other Opposites of celebrate:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of celebrate:

  • affect
  • afflict
  • aggrieve
  • agitate
  • being angry with
  • being offended
  • break up
  • huff
  • miff
  • mope
  • sulk
  • sulks

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “celebrate”:

  1. Instead of celebrating, they gathered to mourn their loss.
  2. The family grieved the passing of their loved one.
  3. They decided to commemorate the anniversary with a memorial service.
  4. We will always remember the sacrifice made by our ancestors.
  5. Instead of celebration, there was lament and sadness in the air.
  6. The news was met with deplore and disappointment.
  7. Many bemoan the loss of traditional values in society.
  8. She regretted missing out on the opportunity to celebrate with her friends.
  9. The atmosphere was filled with sorrow instead of joy.
  10. They gathered to condole with the grieving family.

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