Opposite Of Borrow, Antonyms of Borrow (Example Sentences)

Type: Verb

Meaning/Definition of borrow: Verb referring to take and use something belonging to someone else with the intention of returning it.

What is the Opposite of borrow?

The Opposite of borrow is lend.

Other Opposites of borrow:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of borrow:

  • give
  • grant
  • yield
  • serve
  • deliver
  • lend
  • put out to loan
  • contribute
  • conduce
  • subscribe
  • subscribe to
  • lending
  • loan

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “borrow”:

  1. She agreed to lend me her book for a week.
  2. Instead of borrowing, he decided to give me the money.
  3. They chose to donate the equipment to the school.
  4. The organization decided to grant her request for funding.
  5. The library provided the necessary resources for the project.
  6. He decided to surrender his car keys for the day.
  7. Please hand over the tools after you’re done using them.
  8. He had to yield and return the borrowed item to its owner.
  9. She promised to return the book by next week.
  10. He went to retrieve his belongings from his friend’s house.

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